Thurazor is the most civilized of all the goblin realms in Anuire. Though the inhabitants exploit the resources of Thurazor, the domain is in much better condition. It is the most stable, the most prosperous, and strangely; the most friendly of the goblin realms. The goblins replace the trees they cut down and cover the mines they've dug. The goblins are concerned with their surroundings, which is something the Anuireans are often put off guard by.
Under the rulership of his Most Eminence Tie'skar Graecher, the Goblins of Thurazor is enjoying times of peace — if you call irregular raids into Dhoesone and Talinie peace. Despite overtures and the tough rule of their king, goblins are still goblins. In their histories, they view humans as invaders and even worse enemies than the hated elves.