This Little Piggy

Algren, Bill, Frank, Hector

The team is sent to Ireland to investigate mysterious break-ins at museums where old Celtic period pieces are moved around as if for a ritual, but nothing has been stolen. They visit a few of the sites and discover the pieces have traces of being exposed to magic and some are items of power themselves. They figure out the next likely target and stake out the museum. There, they meet a group of Daoine Sidh elves who are also looking for the entity. They explain it is the spirit of the boar-giant Grom, who is trying to form a new body. Grom's spirit arrives and completes the ritual, forming a partial body (only 12 feet tall instead of his normal 18). The team and the elves attack Grom and defeat him. The elves take his body back to the fairie realms, their leader gives Hector an elven dagger as a thank you.
The adventure is based on an adventure seed in the GURPS: Hellboy RPG.

Quotes and smart remarks
Emily "It's good to be a robot"
Jim "You mean a handy dandy spectre detector?"
Mike "Can you walk around around and look for objects of power so we know where to mount our homunculus-cam?"