The Warlord

This is the title for my second AD&D campaign at the Meetup, it started in the summer of 2011 and ran until August 2012. The characters are driven from their homeland by a foreign invasion, they need to gather experience and resources to come back and free their homes. The culture of the Marches and many NPCs' names are stolen from Lois McMaster Bujold's excellent fantasy novel, The Curse of Chalion. A provincar is the ruler of a province. The king and queen are the roya and royina, prince and princess are royse and royesse.

Main Characters

Matt- Duelist Antonio dy Santiago
Konrad- Cleric Jozan dy Santiago
Chmiel- Adept Cyrus Talmay
JoAnne- Paladin Kiriana
Kevin- Mage Fenric


Dead Man's Hall
Seek the Oracle
The Gothic Touch
Verella Interlude
The Forgotten King
Lure of the Basilisk
Altars of Dusarra
Search for a Cure
City of the Dead
Valley of Betrayal
Catacombs of Opal
The Brothers Return
Repel Assault
Storm the Castle
Night Terrors
Strike the Head
Under the Sea
A Crown for the Taking

New Magic Items

Dagger of Ghoul Touch
Wand of Shadow Bolts
Ring of Phantom Armor
Necklace of Skill at Arms
Jewel of Blindness
Pyrewalker's Cloak
Ring of Resistance
Cutlass of Disguise
Staff of Tempest
Wand of Scarabs
Pennant of Protection from Evil
Ring of Loviatar
Dragon's Fire
Lion's Fang
Armor of Regeneration
Armor of Leadership
Shield of Warding
Ring of High Wizardry
Evithyan's Blade
Rancid Black Tooth
Bow of Petrification
Horn of Fog
Ring of Might
Staff of Tartaros
Axe of Wounding
Dragonform Armor
Lion's Roar shield
Necklace of Protection
Fenric's Wand
Fenric's Flawed Wand