The Warehouse

(based on the Classic Traveller adventure "The Warehouse" by Joe Fugate and Gary L. Thomas from Challenge magazine#30)


Following their adventures on Constance, the crew delivers the remainder of their cargo on Beaumonde and picks up another shipment for Boros. Along the way, they stop at the GK Skyplex on what just happens to be Unification Day and some of them (Wilks, Lennon and Archibald) end up in a very silly bar fight.


On Boros, the crew is given a short term contract with a promise of more work if they will ferry supplies to a mining camp cross system on Regina. However, when the ship lands at the mining camp, they are captured by pirates. The pirates' vessel is damaged and concealed in the warehouse. The crew is imprisoned on the pirate ship, but manage to escape and seize weapons from their guards. The crew splits up to rescue other prisoners and retake the Yellow Submarine from the pirates before they can steal the ship.

The crew gets a reward from local authorities and the mining company. One odd thing: one of the dead pirates is listed in Alliance military records as a former soldier. Except that his military record states that he died several years ago in a commercial shuttle accident… The party returns to Boros and gets a contract for a larger cargo heading to Londinium.