The War of Unification

Why did the war start? We don't know. The cause I am using is that the Core Worlds decided they needed more control over the resource rich border worlds. In other words, greedy corporations bribed corrupt officials. Unification was not instantaneous, it began with the Core Worlds, then they decided to annex the Border Worlds more or less against their will. The corporations didn't really care about the Rim worlds, at least not yet. They wanted developing worlds like Boros and Beaumonde. But when the annexation was announced, the resistance and response from some of the Border worlds and most of the Rim was so savage, that the Alliance HAD TO repress it and therefore they were forced to conquer the Rim worlds as well.

The war "officially" ran for six years from 2505 to 2511. The Battle of Serenity Valley took place in the late spring/early summer of 2511, but the official end of the war didn't come until October 16th, which is Unification Day.

Important Battles
Important Dates
Invasion of Persephone
Battle of Qin Shi Huang
White Sun Campaign
Red Sun Blockade
Aphrodite Campaign
Bombing of Shadow
Kalidasa Campaign
The Tanker War
Blue Sun Colonies
Battle of Serenity Valley
Battle of Sturges
Aftermath and Amnesty

Alliance Units
1188th Support Group "Aces & Eights"
3rd Battalion 12th Infantry Regiment Mechanized
Huang Jia

Browncoat Units
42nd Overlanders
57th Overlanders
15th Nightstalkers
23rd Fast Attack