The Terraforming Commission

One of the things I had to explain for my campaign was how had the various worlds interacted before Unification. In my version of the 'Verse we had more or less decided that the Alliance had previously not been a single government, but more like N.A.T.O., in other words a group of sovereign, independent nations working together. The Core worlds of Londinium, Sihnon, Osiris, Ariel and Bernadette may have been members of the Alliance since colonization began, but they were still individual worlds. The Unification movement merged the member worlds into a single government. Maybe similar to how the Continental Congress made the thirteen American colonies into the United States of America. The difference here is that some worlds didn't want to join, but were forced to by conquest during the War of Unification.

Either way, before the formal (and forcible) Unification that took place in the 'Verse's history, there were a few interplanetary organizations. One thing I came up with was an Interplanetary Council (for lack of a better name) which operated like the United Nations does, in theory settling disputes between member worlds and dealing with issues of interplanetary law, etc. A major part of the Interplanetary Council was the Terraforming Commission.

The Terraforming Commission (TFC) was funded by money from all the existing member worlds. Its mandate was to oversee and carry out the terraforming of all the worlds of the 'Verse that were suitable. Most of the "heavy lifting" so to speak was done early on in the 'Verse's history. My version has the drive sections of the arks being used as interplanetary tugs to move comets and other space bodies around to provide the elements needed. Once the initial seeding of worlds was begun, atmosphere processors converted the primitive atmospheres into something closer to Earth's. The process became more or less self sustaining as the terraformed worlds' atmospheres moved towards habitability with timed additions of plants and animals and then colonists.

Over the centuries, the TFC's influence dwindled as all the suitable worlds were seeded and terraforming activities began to end. The last of the ark-tugs were dismantled for salvage and so were the atmosphere processors. Finally, one last world was left: the planet Miranda, orbiting a dwarf companion of Blue Sun.