The Spacalade

On Zephyr, when the crew was trying to rescue Magistrate Hofmeyer's daughter (Damsel), Saxon got into a card game with the villain, "Big Daddy" Holbrook, to distract him while the rest of the crew rescued Lisa Hofmeyer. Saxon took Holbrook for all he had, then his luxury SUV, then his prize racing stallion as well. Saxon ended up taunting Holbrook into a duel and killing him. Afterwards, Saxon and Jackson escaped in the SUV and drove it onto the Yellow Submarine as the ship was getting ready to leave.
Since then, Saxon has shipped the SUV all over the 'Verse. If he travels on the Yellow Submarine, its an expected part of his "baggage" and he pays to take it with him.

The Spacalade (short for "Space Escalade") is a Land Rover like four wheeled vehicle. It has the rugged tires, brush bars and high suspension of a true off road vehicle, but the interior is pure luxury. Hand tanned, hand stitched white leather seats, Cortex link and a military grade navigation system, an amazing sound system, precious metal inlay buttons and controls and more.

Shunji Motors "Guan Jian"
2 tons
Agi d8 Str d8 Vit d10 Int D6 Ale d10 Wil d8
Complexity: 56 Extreme
Healthy as a Horse (m)
Luxurious (M)
Go Anywhere (m)
Airbreather (m)
Speed class 5 (100mph)
Driver, 5 passengers
Cargo- 975 pounds
Fuel- 6 hours
Cost- 2,300 cr
Maintenance-36.8 cr/year