The Sorcerer's Isle

(GM's Note: Completely, and I mean TOTALLY ripped from scenes in Robert Feists's Magician: Apprentice, Magician: Master and Darkness at Sethanon books)

After Tather's revelation that the barrier in the Blackveil was made with help from a practically immortal human wizard, there is a recess for conferences. When they reconvene, the Queen's consort, Tomas, is wearing golden armor and a white tabard with a golden dragon and carrying a gold long sword and white shield with a golden dragon. Tomas says that the threat to Elvandar is serious enough that he feels he must go forth to help defeat the threat. Time is of the essence and human reactions and viewpoints are important. The mysterious island of Sorcerer's Isle is too far away, he will provide transportation. The party agrees to go to the wizard's island retreat and ask him for help. (At this point JoAnne made a smart remark about "What, we're going to ride a dragon?" and I said "Yes"). He tells the party to meet him in the morning.
A message is also waiting for Hiro, he has been summoned home, no explanation. He sadly bids farewell to the party, his honor requires him to return home.
The party gets up the next day and rides an hour away with Tomas to a large clearing where he blows on a golden dragon horn and shortly thereafter a 100 foot gold dragon lands in the clearing. Her name is Ryeth and she greets Tomas affectionately and he gets the party dressed in warm clothing. They climb on the dragon and take off. The dragon flies high and faster than seems possible and they land at Sorcerer's Isle in a matter of hours. They see a mysterious castle above a cove with a sandy beach and also spot a small village. They land on the beach and are assailed by a chorus of unending banshee shrieks. They decide to persevere and take a trail from the beach that heads inland. A short way up, the trail splits, they take the fork that leads to the village. The shrieks end when they get away from the beach, they must be a defense to drive away visitors. The village is quiet and turns out to be partially ruined, it has been abandoned for decades at least. Searching the houses, they find an old man cooking over a camp fire. He seems surprised to see them, and says they aren't the wizard and asks who they are. They explain and the old man says he is a ship wrecked sailor, stranded on the island. The wizard lets him stay as long as he doesn't cause trouble, but the man says the wizard's servants bring him food and supplies sometimes. They ask about the servants and he describes strange creatures, including goblinoids. The party thanks him for his advice and Greywind gives him some rations. He gives directions to the wizard's castle. The party travels to the castle and finds the drawbridge is down. Up close the castle is very strange, decorated with statues of unknown beasts and the proportions are wrong; the doors and windows are made for creatures larger or smaller than humans… Entering the castle, they are met by a goblin like creature who introduces himself as Gathis, the castle's seneschal. He asks them about their reason for coming and agrees to help when he hears the wall in the Blackveil has been breached. He serves them dinner and arranges quarters for them and Tomas and asks them not to wander around the castle. He will speak to the other servants and begin searching their master's library for clues.
The next day Gathis summons them to a study to show them a book about the wall. It is in an unknown language, so Gathis translates. The wall surrounds Argenthyne, which was the dark elf wizard's stronghold. The wall is alive and can heal itself, that is the secret to its longevity. But that longevity came at a price; six eledhel wizards sacrificed themselves to make it, their souls live on in a dreamlike reality where their voices sing a magical chorus to maintain the wall. Sawdell must have disturbed their harmony to break the wall, Gathis shows Aldur a spell-song that will begin healing the wall. Aldur begins to learn the song. Tomas says they will fly directly to the wall and he and Ryeth will handle the moredhel camp. They thank Gathis for his help, he tells them to return to the island anytime they like.
Tomas and Ryeth take the party directly to the wall, arriving late in the afternoon. Sawdell, dressed in his grey robe, is working on widening the breach. When he sees the dragon, he runs inside. Ryeth breathes fire on the camp and Tomas heads towards the camp. He tells them to get after Sawdell, he and Ryeth will guard the breach.
Giric and Chunorris lead the party through the wall, following Sawdell's trail.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
There was talk about different undead monsters, up to and including undead hydras and dracoliches
Michael "That's why we talk about these things; so we'll be prepared"
Kevin "I'll be prepared…with my Teleportation boots of shinyness"