The Road to Everlund

After defeating the Fire Giants and their allies, the party sends a messenger to Triboar to return with a wagon to recover the giant metal piece the giants dug up from town. When they return, the dwarf smith pronounces it to be adamantine and quite valuable. Sir Conlan turns it over to Lord Protector Daratha. They gather supplies for the road and pack them into the Bag of Holding. They also take the magic rod the giants surrendered.
The party heads out to Everlund, where Daratha has asked them to carry word to the Harpers. Along the way they encounter a halfling ranger, she is accompanied by a strange animal, a winged cat the size of a bobcat. She is headed to the East to see new lands, she has been to the north west and tells them a little about Bryn Shander. They part ways with her and continue. The party passes through the city of Yartar and the town of Crossing Horn. A few days later, they find a battle scene; many dead barbarians and three dead frost giants. They camp nearby overnight and Skamos prepares Speak with Dead. Vincent casts Tongues on Skamos so he can speak to the dead giant and Sir Conlan casts Zone of Truth. The giant's spirit tells them they were heading south from Svardborg on orders from Jarl Storvald to find the Ring of Winter. The barbarians appear to be from the Urthgardt tribes. Their next encounter is with a group of five ogres who appear to be arguing. Astrid opens the battle with a Fireball spell, then Valfir fires two arrows and charges forward. Sir Conlan adds a bolt from his crossbow and Erza also fires arrows from her bow before approaching. Missile fire from Alaric, Talak and Sir Conlan and spell attacks from Skamos, Astrid and Vincent continue, Astrid shoots a Lightning Bolt and Vincent walks a Moonbeam spell through the ogres. Taken by surprise, outnumbered and overpowered, the battle is short. The ogres have nothing of value and the party moves on.
Approaching Everlund, they see a fortified keep off to the north side of the road on a hill. Valfir stealthily scouts it out and they decide to visit. This is Olostin's Hold, a fortified village now ruled by the former captain of the guard when the last member of the ruling family died without an heir. Sir Conlan discusses their journey with the Lord Protector and the monsters they have fought and local events. The village's most interesting feature is the tavern called the Flaming Flagon after an enchanted drinking flagon surrounded in flame that floats in the middle of the common room. Astrid tries to get the barkeep to sell it and Erza tries to gamble with him. In the morning they rise and ride hard all day, arriving at Everlund in the evening. The gate guard directs them to an inn which turns out to be their destination. They meet they innkeeper who is their contact. He serves them a fine elven wine, but when they drink it they are teleported to a secret meeting room with some of the Harpers. There are also more of the winged cats which are called Tressym. The Harpers have already heard some of their story, they tell the rest of the tale of their journey and the words of the dead frost giant. They also produce the rod taken from the fire giants. The Harpers say it is the Rod of Vonindod. It can be used to cast a Locate Object spell and has a range of ten miles when looking for adamantine. The Vonindod was a giant dragon slaying weapon made by the giants in ancient times, the piece in Triboar was part of the machine. In return for their services so far, the Harpers give them a scroll granting them limited access to the Harpers' network of Teleportation Circles that link the cities of Neverwinter, Waterdeep, Everlund, Yartar, Mirabar and Loudwater. Talak and Erza are playing with the Tressym, one of them, Snowflake, will accompany the party.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Matt and Michael were talking about 12 year olds talking smack in online games
Jim "How can you talk about banging my mom when you don't even have hair on your balls?"

Looking over Kevin's new Countryman Mini, which has a switch start
Jim "Your car has the three switches!"

Lee "Where do you want to go?"
Chmiel "Narnia!"

Trying to decide if the halfling traveller would slow them down too much if they joined the party
Lee "This sounds like a math problem; the halfling has a 25 foot movement, you have a 30 foot move. What time will you catch up to the halfling if he leaves 6 hours before you?"
Matt "The dragon is moving at 140 feet on a dive bombing run"
Michael "It's a chinese dragon"
Matt "I'd be more afraid of an australian dragon"

Chmiel "Are people from Yartar called Yartards?"

Chmiel is shopping for travel souvenirs, knick knacks and such
Jim "Let's get this over with; do they have any snow globes?"

Michael's monk is being stealthy
Matt "#justmonkthings"

Discussing the monk's overexcited personality
Jim "Chaotic Attention Deficit"
Lee "Chaotic SQUIRRELL!!!"

Lee "Every use of a Fireball by a PC is useful and constructive"

Discussing how attractive the female PCs are
Chmiel "Ever see an elf in pasties?"
Jim "And we're back to D&D After Dark"

Comparing learning spells, Cleric versus Bards
Kevin "My god is superior to your non-god"

Reading over a spell, Matt laughs
Matt "I am going to cause Independence Day"
Kevin "Do you even own a Macintosh?"

MC "I'm really good at listening"
Chmiel "Except when Mike talks"
MC "What?"

MC is afraid the bard's Moonbeam spell will hit her character
Jim "Hopefully the bard won't moon you"

Jim's paladin is short tempered dealing with various PC and NPC foolishness
MC "You need an anger management course"
Jim "Oh no, I manage my anger right where I want it" I forgot to mention the paladin is a red head…

Talking to the Harpers and seeing a group of winged cats
Kevin "Kitties with wings, it was totally worth dying to come here"