The Reverend Black And Reavers

(Loosely based on the "Reverend Mr. Black" adventure seed)


After helping rescue the Glory, the crew returns to Beaumonde. Capt'n Sata decides to start laying down the law and enforcing some discipline. Normally, Lennon disappears as soon as the ship hits dirt with a load of medical supplies, supposedly trading them for ones they need. In fact, Lennon has been running free clinics for former Browncoats and their friends & family wherever the ship lands. Sata removes the battery from the mule Lucy and orders Lennon to remain with the ship as officer on duty while Sata takes a break. Lennon argues and eventually confesses about his clinic operation. Sata refuses to let him go (this is part of his discipline following the rocket incident) but relents enough to allow Lennon to see his patients on board the ship. Howard's punishment for his part is to play taxi driver with the ship's shuttle Lovely Rita and Wilks must stay behind to provide security while the patients are aboard ship. Finx, Jackson and Sata go look for cargo and hit the bars.


The crew is hired by Reverend Black, a frontier preacher from Deadwood, to carry a load of equipment to the settlers, including a military surplus prefab building that will serve as a church and emergency shelter. Lang Ye, a man looking for a ride off of Beaumonde, joins them as a passenger (new player character).


The trip is uneventful and the crew helps the locals set up the building and joins them for a "barn-raising" party. In the middle of the festivities, Sata spots an incoming Reaver shuttle on sensors. The crew mounts up and goes to fight the Reavers. Jackson breaks the cannon out of its hidden storage and rigs it as a doorgun for Howard in the cargo bay. The Yellow Submarine flies over the Reaver shuttle, which has landed in a neighboring town, and does an aerial gunship attack, exchanging fire with the shuttle and eventually shooting its engines out and setting it on fire. Lennon, Wilks and Lang take the skiff down to look for survivors and Wilks sets up in a sniper's nest on a roof top. Wilks snipes several Reavers, Howard obliterates a few more with his cannon. While loading wounded, a Reaver attacks the skiff and Lang nimbly dodges him, then breaks the Reaver's neck in an amazing display of martial arts.

More trouble is on the way, Sata spots the Reaver mothership approaching. Sata recovers the crew and scoots, trying to draw the Reavers into pursuit and away from innocents. The Reavers pursue, firing rockets at the Yellow Submarine. Sata and Howard dodge most, one creases the hull, but fails to detonate.
Finally, Sata has the chance he needs. He powerdives into a mountain pass and threads his way through, relying on his skill and the Yellow Submarine's agility in atmo. The Reaver pilot fails to make the same maneuver and pancakes the ship into the mountain.

The crew returns to the town hit by Reavers and provides medical assistance to the townspeople, then lets Reverend Black know the danger has passed.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Chmiel “I can’t tell if these are directions, or a map…”

Tony “The Reverend plays a mean game of Fish”

Tony “He’s not my doctor, he’s here for YOU.”

Raleigh "I press the 'Automatically do what the Captain says' button"

Chmiel "I thought it was in Ferengi" (GM's note- I can't remember what he was looking at)