The Organ Trade

The Firefly episode "The Message" is cool because it introduces the scary crime of organlegging to the 'Verse. But it has always bothered me that they would cut open someone on say Bernadette, stick in the blastomere organs, fly his organs somewhere while he takes passage to the same place, then meet him, take out the blastomere organs to put into the buyer, put his original organs back in, pay him a pile of cash and let him go. That's a whole lot of surgery! Why doesn't the buyer just fly to Bernadette, get new organs and go home, much simpler. Or even just send the blastomere organs to the buyer, instead of sending the mule's organs?
However, like the bit in the Serenity movie that the PAX was in the air processors, that's what the show says, so we will follow the show. But, thinking about the complete lack of humanity in the organleggers from Larry Niven's books, I felt they would lie to the mules, take their organs for sale and when they delivered the blastomere organs, they would finish cutting them up for spare parts. No witnesses, no need to pay them, and you get more free parts for sale. So what Tracey says in the episode isn't truth, it's the lie the mules are sold to get them to cooperate.
Raleigh's character Naomi is a former mule who put 2 and 2 together on her delivery trip and got "run like Hell". A set of implants costs 18,000 Alliance credits or $450,000. If they ever find her, they will take it out of her hide, literally…