The Lost Spire Of Netheril

After returning to Bryn Shander, they turn over the weather orb and notes to the wizard Vellyne Harper. They decide to investigate the missing adventurers and hunt for the possible treasure of Netherese artifacts. Following the directions they were given, the adventurers travel to the town of Caer-Konig before heading east into the hills. They locate a rock outcropping which turns out to be a tower upside down in the ice. They wonder if it was one of the flying buildings of the ancient Nertheril empire. A tunnel carved through the tower leads them inside. The tower is empty, but shows sign of recent traffic. All the rooms are upside down, with their contents thrown against their former ceilings. The party moves in, following the tunnel cutting through floor after floor. They search the accessible rooms and find ancient books, some still intact. One room has a chest bolted to the former floor. Tetsuo lifts Caeli up to see if she can open it, but she cannot. Tetsuo smashes the lock open, expecting treasure to fall out, but the chest contains potions which fall and shatter. Caeli manages to grab one out of the air. Another room has an altar and an eight pointed star on the wall, possibly the symbol of the former god of magic, Mystryl. In another room, they find an area which seems to have been reorganized somewhat. Standing behind a desk is a young man and an undead of some kind. The man greets them and introduces himself as Dzann, who was the wizard the party saw burned at the stake. Tetsuo blurts out that he's dead and the man admits he is a magical simulacrum of Dzann. He says his creator found a magical chamber in the tower that converts illusions into reality. He wants their help to activate it, since it can only be activated by living creatures and neither he nor his undead bodyguard can use it.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Talking about actor Hugh Jackman, and how with a slight change, it's a pornstar name
Mike "Bang Bus <37> Huge Jackman"
Lee "If we accomplished nothing else, we restarted Bang Bus"

Finding a rock outcropping in the icy plain, which turns out to be a stone tower driven into the ice upside down
Emily "A glorious erection"
Lee "Thrust into the plain"
Jim "It's rock hard"
Kevin "Can you climb it?"
Chmiel "We should ride it"
Walking around it to examine it
Emily "We circumnavigate it" Everyone loses it over "circum"
Lee "There's a cave opening"
More laughter
The tunnel into the tower is icy
Lee "I'm not kidding; this chapter in the module is "Slippery Entrance"

The first room has a curved wall, following the outline of the tower
Jim "The Spire"
Brittany "It in-spires me"

The old god of magic was slain and a new god took their place
Emily "Just like having your student loan sold; happens all the time"