The Jersey Devil

Team: Dan, Maccabees, Xander, "Trooper"
Date: October 26th, 2012

The characters are brought in for a briefing by director Corrigan. Halloween is always a time for an increase in supernatural activity and this year is particularly bad. Agents are being sent out and they are starting to run low on staff. So the team will be sent out a little short handed with only four team members.

The Jersey Devil has reappeared in the area of the Pine Barrens of New Jersey and is terrorizing the local towns, killing livestock on farms, attacking people and dropping rocks and logs on cars driving on the roads through the Pine Barrens. The police have cordoned off and closed the roads, but the Jersey Devil has attacked police manning the barricades. The local mayor has requested the governor to send in the National Guard. The team is sent to do what they can.

Shortly after they arrive, the get word of an attack in progress and Maccabees teleports there. He melees with the devil and drives it off with several strikes of his angelic warhammer. The team goes to the local hospital and questions some of the injured police. They decide to lure out the devil and trap it in a magic circle so they can deal with it. Maccabees goes to a local church and gets holy water, wafers, sacramental wine and some other items to help trap the devil. Xander goes scouting in the woods to find a good ambush spot and is attacked and almost killed by the monster. Maccabees teleports to Xander and carries him to a hospital. Studying the devil's patterns, they see that it does not eat its victims, but tortures them. It rarely kills humans, but maims and scars them. The team concludes that it feeds on fear. They eventually find a good location and set their trap. "Trooper" is bait and Dan uses his psychic empathy abilities to magnify and broadcast his fear to attract the devil. It shows up and comes into their trap. "Trooper" fires a netgun at it, entangling its wings. The ropes of the net have been soaked in holy water so the devil shrinks from their touch and cannot tear free. Maccabees closes the circle around them and they attack the monster with blessed bullets, holy warhammer and the Blood Sword. It's an all or nothing attempt; Maccabees and Xander are trapped by the circle as well, if Dan and "Trooper" flee, they will break the circle and release the devil. Xander and Maccabees are badly wounded by the beast; when it is dead and the circle broken, Maccabees disappears, taken to Heaven for healing. Xander's wounds trigger some self-preservation response in him and he begins to regenerate slowly.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Ryan "I can see into the future; I know I'm going to be hungry."
Matt "It's like Christmas for the holy."
Konrad "OH boo-fuckin' hoo!"
Jim "Nobody expects the Jersey Devil!"
Matt "Commence the clobberation!"
Ryan "Let's pull an Odysseus and hide under the sheep."