The Jackson

(Former NPC, occasionally used by guest players like Chris, Randall and Jess. Now a player character played by Konrad)

Chih Jackson, known as "The Jackson" is the ship's mechanic and the group's former default NPC. When guest players come, they usually play The Jackson. The Jackson is mixed asian/caucasian ancestry, of average height and build with short black hair. He is in his mid twenties and really doesn’t have a life goal yet.

Chih Jackson grew up in the Core on Londinium, and always wanted to be a spacer. He signed on with a merchant company, but got bored going back and forth to the same places on new ships that didn't need work. He's neutral on the Alliance vs. Independents issue, and seems able to get along with everyone. He’s willing to take risks if it’s something related to engineering (like disarming Reaver booby traps) but he doesn't see the thrill in getting paid to do something that may involve getting shot at.

He definitely does not like Alliance boarding teams. They come on your ship, open stuff up, move things around and usually leave a mess. Especially after that last team that messed up the mule and broke some stuff Jackson had to fix. He also gets grumpy whenever the ship leaves port, because he knows Lennon will start his anti-rat crusade and he and Wilks will be prowling the ship, poking into things and moving stuff. The day after the rat hunt is finished, Jackson will make a tour of the ship as well, putting everything back to what he thinks is right.

He wears the yellow coverall that Finx bought him, not because he likes it, but because he can wear it while doing dirty work. If he has to get something filthy, it might as well be something he doesn't like.

He bunks in the engine room in a zero-g hammock, his belongings are in traveler's boxes bolted to the wall as a makeshift cabinet. His most important possession is a customized newtech spacesuit, designed for long duration work. It has a built in music player for part of the same reason Jackson bunks in the engine room: he hates quiet. If he’s in the engine room, the sound will lull him to sleep, and if anything goes wrong, he will be the first to hear it. When he’s outside working on the ship, the music calms him. He’s not obsessive about a particular band or style like Lennon; he just wants some sound in the background. He does favor the modern popular music of the core worlds which is called Cortex Pop or just "Cor-pop".

Jackson is always the last one to the table for meals because it takes him the longest to get cleaned up. Capt'n Sata has excused him from taking a turn doing cooking (following an unfortunate incident involving mashed potatoes seasoned with engine grease) and he does extra ship work to compensate.

Since he grew up in the Core, he’s more passive when it comes to entertainment. He would rather watch shows or play games on the Cortex and be a couch potato. If the rest of the crew is playing cards, he might watch and chat but rarely joins in. He doesn’t do a lot of exercising or working out, because he spends most of each day doing something on the ship: crawling through access tubes, swapping out parts and filters, checking and tightening fittings. He'll drink Wilks' beer if it's available, but if he's really down or whooping it up, he brings out a pressure flask of some unidentified home-brew. At least, the rest of the crew thinks its home brew. Either that, or engine coolant.

He does like to secretly tinker with the ship as a hobby, and has installed a few hidden compartments and socket mounts for the cannon the crew captured from some pirates. And, somewhere in the heat exchange system is a still for his homebrew. After Lennon came up with names for the shuttle and their old mule, Jackson secretly took them out and had names and "nose art" professionally painted on them.
Jackson's current project is an upgrade for the ship's reaction thrusters. After working with Sander's hoverbike race team, he came up with some ideas for boosting the ship's speed. Unfortunately, funds are too tight at the moment.

He likes visiting other worlds and seeing new places, so he can’t see getting some dirtside job on one world. Maybe some day he’ll have enough money saved up to settle down or if he finds a job that might be good. Or perhaps he’ll keep riding the ships until he’s too old or dies in his bunk on a ship in the middle of the Black. If you ask him about settling down now, he’ll say “No, I haven’t been to all the worlds in the ‘Verse yet.”

Jackson's Questionaire
Jackson's Contacts

Chih Jackson

Age: 27 Description: Former Merchant Mechanic
Homeworld: Londinium

Agility d6
Strength d10
Vitality d8
Alertness d8
Intelligence d10
Willpower d8

Athletics d6
- Dodge d8
Knowledge d6
Mech. Engineering d6
- Mechanical Repairs d12
- Maintenance d12
- Mechanical Creation d10
Perception d6
Pilot d6
- Transports d8
- Shuttle d8
Tech. Engineering d6
- Technical Repair d12
- Ship Architecture d8
- Electronics d8
Guns d6
- Shotgun d8
Melee Weapons d6
Unarmed Combat d6
- Martial Arts d8
Vacuum Suit d6

Talented- Mechanics (m)
Mechanical Empathy (m)

Memorable (m)
Prejudice-Politicians (m)