The Island

July 14th, 2012
Team Members: Algren, Bill, Dan, Frank, Hector, Lenox, Maccabees, Peter, Xander

The team is called to a briefing by Professor Kate Corrigan, Director of Field Operations. She explains that several months back, while operating against Nazi sorcerors in South America, the team recovered an arcane notebook from the Nazis. She hits her remote for her first image, but gets a picture of herself on the beach. The next couple of pages are similar, Algren had set it up as a gag. Kate pages past to the briefing material, showing scanned pages from the notebook.
The notes gave details about a mysterious island in the Atlantic, possibly an Ogdru-Hem temple. A team of eight; six soldiers, an occult specialist and a psychic, were sent in. They reported that they had arrived safely. They searched the island and found a structure on a hilltop and went to investigate. Their last transmission was garbled, there were screams and gunshots, the only clear word was "frogs". BPRD is concerned that they encountered the frog monster servants of the Ogdru-Hem, so they are sending a heavier armed team. The team will draw heavy weapons and armor for the mission and be given two thermobaric demolition charges. Each team member will have a remote detonator. They will inserted by boat, ex-Navy SEAL Peter Klinger will accompany them. Extraction will be by helicopter, assets are being moved into the area.
The team goes to the armory and draws heavy weapons. They are driven to the airfield and board a C-130 with a SEAL insertion boat in a LAPES rig. They are flown to the area of the island and dropped in the middle of the night. Peter gets them safely to shore and they disembark. Algren suggests setting up defenses on the boat, but is out voted. They head across the island to the first team's landing zone. They find signs they arrived safely and camped out overnight. Algren again suggest setting up defenses as a fall back position and the team agrees. Lennox prepares a warding circle that he can activate when needed. The team moves on to the reported structure. They find an incredibly old, overgrown structure. Hector feels a dread, dark aura and there are no animal sounds nearby. Runes and pictograms on the wall appear to be pre-human, possibly Hyperborean. Moving inside, the second chamber has bloodstains, spent bullet casings and ricochet marks on the walls. They search for concealed exits and Algren's mechanical senses finds a hidden doorway. Xander and Maccabees heave against the wall and force open a door exposing a smooth walled tunnel descending into the earth. Frank sends his RC car down the tunnel and watches on its webcam. He spots two members of the first team coming up the tunnel. When the missing people arrive, the team calls out to them, but they do not reply. Dan and Maccabees both sense they are no longer human. Frank tries to hit them with his flamethrower but they dodge and begin to shift into frog men. They are defeated and the team moves deeper into the tunnel. The team comes to an intersection, crudely carved tunnels go left and right. The party splits, some going left, some right and some defending the intersection. The left team finds a chamber holding a dried up hot spring. The right team finds an active bubbling pool fed by a hot spring. Lenox lays a force wall over the pool, trapping two frog monsters inside. Maccabees borrows a hand grenade and forces it through the wall, it explodes under water and the confined shock wave purees the frog monsters.
The teams rejoin and go on. Frank's car comes to the end of the tunnel, it opens into a large chamber with a floor of stone tiles. More frogmen attack. Dan puts two of them to sleep with his telempathy and they battle the rest with swords, guns and holy weapons.
When they move on again, Frank's car has been crushed, he activates its self destruct incendiary grenade. They follow the light from the fire and come to a vast chamber. Stone tiles make up a level surface surrounding a pool, stalagmites have been carved into square pillars covered with strange writings. An Ogdru-Hem, looking like a giant jellyfish, hovers above the pool while its tendrils dangle in the water. At least two dozen frog men are worshipping and chanting to it. The sight of the demon strikes the team. Bill passes out and has mild convulsions. Hector almost faints but forces himself to stay awake. Algren shuts down. Dan revives Bill by calming his aura, Frank jump starts Algren with his electrokinesis. Xander heaves a huge block of pure sodium he brought into the pool with Maccabee's telekinetic help. They decide to deploy the charges and get out. Bill puts an RPG round through the Ogdru-Hem, Lenox uses a force spell to push the frogs into the pool. Peter sets his charge, but misarms it, Frank corrects it. Then Peter heaves Bill's charge into the pool. The team flees up the tunnel and Lenox casts a wall of fire to block the tunnel.
As everyone clears the tunnel, Lenox casually pulls his remote detonator and blows the two charges. The island shakes and fire spews from the tunnel. They wait a safe time and then investigate, the fire has burned everything in the tunnels to ash, no living creatures remain. But they do sense an echo of the Ogdru-Hem's spirit. The team returns to the boat and heads away from the island. Peter hears a helicopter approaching, a Navy helicopter comes overhead and lowers a lifting cable. They attach the cable to the boat and the helicopter plucks them from the sea and flies them to an aircraft carrier. Kate is waiting to debrief them and sends them to the carrier's sickbay for examination.

Quotes and Smart Remarks:
Jim about Matt's fallen angel "He didn't fall (from heaven) completely."
Raleigh "He tripped."

Emily as the party is requisitioning grenades "We're not going to occupy the place."

Emily "I don't often ruin plots, but when I do, its at the end of the campaign." (Referring to the end of our Space: 1889 campaign)

Raleigh "Can corrupted people be redeemed?"
Kevin "They can be redeemed with bullets."

Mike after the grenade in the pool "Frogmen, they DO blend."

Raleigh cautioning Emily not to go peek at LARPers changing clothes in the hallway "Two words: pudding golem"

Raleigh to Emily "Welcome to being in charge" (Raleigh played the ship captain in our Serenity campaign and had the same "herding cats" issues Emily was having with the other players.)

Emily "Irish mouthwash is beer"