The Gateway Opens

Aware that the cultists are planning a major ritual in Opal, the party and their temporary Liartian allies plan their next move. They return to Verella to rest after the battle and in the morning they ride outside the city and Raidne casts Fey Portal and they ride through the gateway into the Feywild. Raidne points the way south and they ride off across the snowy realm of the Winter Court. The sky is dark with storms and the perpetual twilight of the Feywild. As they ride, snow turns to a wintry mix and the hills are shrouded in fog. A single wolf's howl comes from the fog, but it's a really big wolf… The fog ripples ahead of them and three giant winter wolves, as big as warhorses, charge the party. Pancho turns one wolf against another wth Enemies Abound, Harper, Eroe, Hudora and the Liartian fighter Dousek attack with bows. Raidne rolls a Flaming Sphere into a wolf. The Liartian priest Rosta casts Toll the Dead on an injured wolf, but it shrugs the attack off. The party continues their ranged attacks as the wolves close, but the fog ripples again and one, then another frost giant appear! Harper and Eroe close with the wolves and draw swords. A wolf hits Harper with a cone of frost breath. Raidne does Call Lightning and strikes a giant with her first bolt. Eroe finishes a wolf and turns towards a giant who throws a human two handed sword at him like it was a throwing dagger. The other giant grabs the charmed wolf and smacks it around, then turns it loose to attack the party. Pancho attacks with Dissonant Whispers, Raidne continues to throw lightning and fire. Hudora drops another wolf and activates her Flame Arrow quiver. Eroe attacks the giant and it smashes him twice his massive axe, throwing him from his horse. The horse panics and runs through the battle, past a wolf that bites at it and misses. Dousek lays into the giant. Rosta casts Whip of Shar, dropping a wolf to the ground in pain. It gets up and breathes a cone of frost at him. Pancho and Raidne finish the third wolf with spell attacks. Hudora drops the first giant with a flaming crossbow bolt up its nose into its brain. Pancho and Harper heal Eroe and he tackles the second giant. Rosta hits the second giant with his whip spell and it topples over. Pancho and Raidne hit the last giant and he's down.
They gather up Eroe's horse and continue south. But as the hours go by, Raidne begins to lose her way and she takes them out of the hills into an area of plains. If they have gone the right way, they should see more mountains to the east and the ocean beyond. Hudora asks if the flat plains could be the frozen ocean? Raidne doesn't think so and they retrace their route and Raidne leads off a different way. She begins to lose her way again and shape shifts into a giant eagle and flies as high as the clouds will allow. Comfortable in her choices, she leads them on and they spot what looks like a giant cluster of bee hives. The air turns warmer and the snow melts as they move on. They find a river of liquid crystals that form faceted waves flowing south towards the hives. Raidne thinks this is the river north of the city and she opens another portal and they return to Aarenis. The sun is rising to the east and the city is ahead of them, peaceful and quiet. Their trip took them to Opal overnight, it is the morning of the next day. The cultists are supposed to perform their ritual today! As the sun rises, they see a comet in the sky, startling them. There was no comet last night before they left Verella, but they know comets are sometimes harbingers and transports for the alien gods!
They travel to Opal and the city is quieter than normal, with fewer people moving around and the town guard out in squads instead of pairs. Harper gets a message that the city has been alerted; the townguard, churches and wizard guilds are trying to find the cultists, but no luck yet. Divination spells have failed and Harper remembers one of the Liartian artifacts is a sword that blocks divination spells. The cultists must be using the artifact to protect themselves. They find an inn to use as a temporary base and the Liartians leave to check in with their church. Hudora goes to talk to the Thieves' Guild about searching the undercity, but the Church of Simyits has already enlisted them and so far the sewers and catacombs are clear. Hudora returns and the party discusses where the cultists could be. First they they think about large areas with lots of people, but Opal is a very crowded, high population density old city. They realize that if the comet is significant, they don't want to be below ground, but above, maybe in a large open space. They decide perhaps a warehouse, there are warehouses in the dockside district that has grown up along the shore outside of the city wall. They decide to head for the docks.
Hudora leads them quickly across the city, using her knowledge of cities. Pancho spots someone in thief style gear following them, but the lose him when Hudora takes them across a raising drawbridge on a canal. They get to the warehouse district and Raidne sends her Serpentine Owl to scout from the air. They search around the area, narrowing on an area that seems to be bereft of pigeons and such, assuming they're scared of by the evil. They finally decide on a likely building and Hudora sneaks up invisible and peaks in the windows, but all she can see is light coming from the other side of stacks of crates which just happen to block the view from the windows. Harper casts Detect Evil and accompanies Raidne who uses her Marvelous Pigments to paint brick walls over the back doors. Harper does detect several evil creatures, some of them of extreme darkness. The party regroups at the front door, casts some spells and activates some magic items before entering. Raidne summons fey spirits who manifest as tigers. Eroe pulls out a magic jar he has had for months and uncorks it. A glowing cloud flows out and solidifies into an arabian warrior genie! He bows to Eroe and asks how he may earn his freedom. Harper casts Silence on one of Hudora's crossbow bolts. They open the door and see a weird, flickering light from beyond the crates. Hudora climbs over the pile and the rest squeeze through gaps to see the enemy. A masked, yellow hooded figure leads over a dozen kneeling cultists who are chanting. Four mutated humans with extra, claw tipped arms watch from the edges. A black sword floats point down by the yellow priest, spinning and almos transluscent as if a ghost. And behind the priest in yellow is a swirling kaleidescope of colors, slowly growing as the chant goes on and darkness falls outside. The party attacks and Hudora shoots the priest with the Silence crossbow bolt. The party moves to attack and the mutants rush to meet them with inhuman speed. As the creatures arrive, they unleash of blur of multiple attacks. The priest hurls glowing magic balls that deliver massive amounts of pain. Raidne drops a Flaming Sphere on the priest but he teleports, swapping places with one of the mutants. With so many wounded in the initial exchange of blows, Pancho casts Mass Cure Wounds. Hudora casts Shatter and kills a third of the chanting cultists. The mutants attack, but each can only seemed to do the flurry of blows once before being exhausted by it. Pancho tries Enemies Abound on a mutant and fails. Harper's Spirit Guardians hit the mutants as they approach her and she uses her Staff of Healing to cast a second Mass Cure Wounds. The priest hurls the silenced crossbow bolt away and it lands near Hudora, who retrieves it. The priest teleports Eroe and drops him into the Flaming Sphere spell. The spell that moves Eroe causes massive pain to his nearby allies. The genie fights along the party, turning invisible to strike the mutants from behind. Raidne's tigers pounce on mutants. Hudora snipes the priest with the silenced crossbow bolt again! Harper moves forward and her Spirit Guardians wash across the remaining cultists, killing all of them and the gateway begins to shrink and fade. The mutants are being cut down and the priest teleport swaps with another and ends up next to Raidne and she casts Thunder Wave. Pancho stabs a mutant to finish it, Harper snipes the last one and the priest is swarmed and cut down. His body disintegrates into a cloud of greasy, yellow smoke. The gateway closes and the sword slumps to the floor in a pile of rust, destroyed by the ritual. The genie bows to Eroe and flies away, the tigers return to the Feywild. Two Tyr priests and a wizard teleport into the street outside and rush in to join the battle, but the battle has been won. Opal, and possibly the world, is safe. The priests burn the bodies and the magic circles on the floor with Flame Strike spells.
Once the party has recovered, there is a massive secret conference with the duke of Opal, the heads of the churches and a few of the Wizard guilds. Eroe, Pancho and Harper are knighted and given small estates outside the city. Hudora is offered a scholarship at the Opal school of Wizardry. Raidne returns to her grove to begin her training as a master druid. As the seasons turn, her brown hair turns snow white in the winter, then green in the spring and summer and red in the autumn before returning to its natural brown after harvest time. Harper is approached quietly by a man of Pargunese origin who wants to bargain with her for the Liartian mask artifact. The Liartian church will withdraw its priests and followers from one city in return for the Mask. But Harper has already surrendered it to the Church of Tyr and the man leaves.

GM's Afternotes
This is the end of my first 5E campaign, thanks to everyone for playing and my wife JoAnne for her support as always. A few things didn't get to happen. If the players had taken too long to find the ritual, they would have summoned a Godzilla sized monster to stomp on the city. If Eroe had put on the Liartian mask, it would have reacted with the poison in his body to turn him. I had planned on the cultist priest (Star Spawn Seer) to be able to turn more cultists into mutants (Star Spawn Manglers), but the cultists got wiped early. The party was being followed by members of the Nighthawks Assassins guild, but Stacy rolled a 28 on her city knowledge while leading the party to the warehouse district, so I decided they had lost their tail. Otherwise, the assassins and maybe some Liartians would have arrived after the cultist battle to try to take the mask. If the party had waited for Rosta and Dousek to return and accompany them to the battle, there definitely would have been a Liartian doublecross at the end. And again, Eroe would have been at disadvantage to resist spells they cast like Hold Person.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
The area of the Feywild near Verella is in the Winter Court area and is snowy and cold
Brittany "I know Halloween just ended, but come on now"

The evil NPCs with the party are cold in the Feywild
Brittany "I cast Fireball…"

Brittany is adding up her bonuses
Brittany "Hold for tabulating…"
Jim "No! We've been holding for tabulating all week!" (2020 presidential election)

Stacy "Anything that comes out of the human body is gross. That includes pee, poop, and people's babies."

Raidne uses her Serpentine Owl Figurine of Wondrous Power
Stacy "You ask him to find the bad guys and he says 'Who?' "

Looking at the city street map with all the townsfolk
Brittany, singing "There goes the baker with his tray"

The Silence crossbow bolt hits the priest again, Harper is in the area of effect again
Nick "No one can hear you scream"