The Far Coast

Aldur, Giric, Rhiann, Yurten

The characters are travelling the coastal trade road between Crydee and Carse and are travelling together for safety while passing the Green Heart. They hear sounds of battle ahead of them and send Giric ahead to investigate. He hears a human's dying scream and is attacked by two Moredhel guarding the road. The party defeats them, killing them before they can blow on a horn. They continue forward and find a noble's coach being ransacked by more dark elves, two guards are dead and there are some nobles and servants tied up. The party attacks and kills the dark elves and frees their prisoners. The nobles introduce themselves as Lord Garin and Lady Andelise of Zun, they beg the characters to rescue their traveling companion who was taken by the dark elves into the woods. They finally admit he is Lord Fedric, the 17 year old son of the Duke of Crydee. Lord Garin promises them a large reward and the party heads into the woods. Rhiann tracks the raiders with help from the rest of the party. They find the raiders' camp and attack and rescue Fedric. The party flees but is pursued by more moredhel. They make it to the road and head towards Carse, they are saved by a mounted patrol of guardsmen. They are taken to Carse and then agree to travel with Lord Fedric's party the rest of the way to Borden as extra guards.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
JoAnne "I'll trade you a swedish fish for a cookie!"
Jim "What is this, Snackfoods of Catan?"

Kevin "I use a sheep stomach full of marbles; it's my haggis attack"

Kevin "Never bring a dagger to a hand ax fight"

Kevin "Monks don't teabag, but dwarves do."

Konrad "Plan B!"
John "What's Plan B?"
Konrad "Wing it!"
John "I thought that was Plan A"

Kevin had really bad rolls all night long. "I made my Perception, I can roll low, no problem"
Konrad "We have empirical evidence"

Konrad is talking about how bad his character looks, torn cloak and shirt with blood from stab wounds, tears from branches.
John "And your mascara is smeared"

John "I make the elf gesture" Holds his fingers up to his head as pointy ears.