The Expanse

I had planned to run a campaign based on The Expanse books using Green Ronin's The Expanse RPG which is built on their AGE system. But, I am very unhappy with their work, so I am modifying the Serenity/Cortex system to include some of the AGE system rules. This is a general page about my modifications and new rules, etc.

EDIT- The AGE rules hybrid was too clunky, so just going with straight Serenity rules instead.

Rule Set
Cortex Expanse
Ship Design Rules
Expanse Ship Weapons
Expanse Small Arms
Automatic Fire
New Weapons and Equipment

Setting Notes
Asteroid Colonies
Deep Space Stations
Moons of the Outer Planets
Spacecraft of The Expanse
Leviathan Wakes Timeline
Weapons Technology
Hard Space Science Fiction Notes

Belter Creole Phrases
The Expanse Wiki
NASA Asteroid mapper
Travel Formulae

Disloyal to His Own