The Butcher

Boris Yegevny, born on Osiris, enlisted in the Osiran Planetary Militia, transferred to the Alliance Ground Forces as a Lieutenant when Unification began. Served in the Alliance 12th Infantry Regiment (Mechanized) on Aphrodite. Rose to the rank of major commanding the 3rd Battalion of the 12th. Wounded twice. On Aphrodite, his unit earned the unofficial title "Boris' Butchers" by having the lowest number of P.O.W.s captured by any unit in the Georgia Theatre of Operations. Rumor has it that there was a bounty on his head among the Browncoats; multiple complaints came from the Independent High Command regarding Major Yegevny's actions and those of his command. He was killed in action on Aphrodite during fighting. The 12th Regiment was disbanded after the war and the surviving troops either discharged from service or transferred to other units to replace casualties.

During the war, Wilks was doing surveillance of an Alliance command post on Aphrodite before the bombings. The Independents were moving an artillery unit up a pass, planning to shell the Feds' rear areas and Wilks was there to call fire. One of the Alliance officers was Major Boris Yegevny, an infantry commander whose unit had the record for lowest number of enemy soldiers turned over alive to the P.O.W. camps. They were called "Boris' Butchers" by the Browncoats and in a civilized war they would have been prosecuted for war crimes. Wilks saw him in the compound before the attack and had a chance to kill him but couldn't because it would ruin the timing for the artillery attack. Wilks remembers seeing Yegevny light a cigar with a flip lighter with a practiced flourish. The Butcher was supposed killed in action on Aphrodite.

On Boros years after the war, Wilks sees a man use the exact same move. Could he be the Butcher? How to find out for sure, the man didn't look like the Butcher, did he somehow escape and change his identity?

In August of 2518, the crew of the Yellow Submarine found an old Alliance Supply Cache (Second Deal), including an old computer with Alliance personnel records. With the Butcher's original identification information available, Wilks gets Saxon Molyneux's assistance and tracks down and kills the Butcher on Boros (Hunting Trip). Afterwards, Wilks visits Tao-Shu's grave on Hera to tell her the Butcher is dead.