The Alliance Lieutenant's Connection

(Based on the 2300AD adventure, The French Lieutenant's Connection, by Marcus L. Rowland in Challenge magazine #39. A very short adventure, more of an extended encounter)

Ticket to Ride
After departing Osiris, the crew makes a short run across White Sun to Liann Jiun. After the shootout on Gonghe, the crew decides they need better pistols and they go shopping. Afterwards, they end up drinking in a spacer's bar near the port, Green Hills. They are approached by a tall, thin Alliance officer who asks if they are a ship crew. Cid gets up and goes to the bar, since he hates Alliance officers and also to watch for trouble. When Captain Windsor replies yes, the lieutenant pulls up Cid's chair and tells them he needs to get offworld immediately and will pay well. He is very nervous and obviously paranoid, constantly looking over his shoulder at the door. His name is Jean-Claude Villard, he explains he is an analyst and saw a report he wasn't cleared for and fears the Alliance will kill him to keep him quiet. At that point a group of federal police walk in the door and begin scanning the room. Villard panics and runs to the back of the bar by the restrooms. Ruan Reads them and doesn't detect any hostile intent, they walk over and grab an empty table across the room. Windsor sends Ruan after Villard and Ruan finds him at the fire exit, trying to figure out if he can get the door open without setting off the alarm. Ruan soothes him and brings Villard back to the table. Windsor convinces Villard to trust them, they will take the job. Villard offers 500 credits to get him out of White Sun and out to a Border or Rim world, but he can't go through security at the port, he is sure there is a warrant for his capture. Windsor decides to get a hotel for the night so they can get him out of sight and books three rooms at a hotel near the port.

With a Little Help from My Friends
At the hotel, the crew begins brainstorming and Ruan questions Villard about why he is concerned about what he might have seen. He explains he saw information from a report by Hiram Dressler, a high level economic analyst for the report. Dressler's report indicates that the Alliance is too big, it will collapse from its own weight and the 'Verse will plunge into chaos and anarchy. The report is being suppressed by the government. Naomi wants to try to hack into Villard's files to investigate, Villard refuses because he is afraid it will be traced. He's willing to give Naomi his sign on codes once they are off world.
After much discussion about ways to get through the security at the port entrances, the crew remembers Ruan's pre-arrival discussion and tourism report that he likes to give before arrival. Since Liann Jiun is one of the major commerce hubs for the 'Verse, they have a large and very powerful dockworkers' union. Junior starts making some calls and pulls in a marker from some contacts. They give him a contact in the dockworkers who will give Villard a uniform and fake ID to report in as a port employee. The next morning they deliver Villard to their contact, then head to port and check in through the ship crew entrance. They return to the ship and make preparations to take on cargo and depart for Harvest in Red Sun. Cargo handlers arrive and begin loading pallets of industrial pipes. Partway through, a supervisor's cart pulls up and their contact brusquely drops Villard off. He is wearing a dockworker's uniform with a backpack with their logo and has a black eye. He doesn't say anything but walks onboard and Windsor sends Ruan to check him into his cabin. Once cargo is loaded, they lift off and head for the Black.

Across the Universe
Its a six day trip to Red Sun, normally a fairly quick and easy trip. The ship is running well, but all the stress is inside. Bottled up in the ship, Villard's paranoia grows instead of being replaced by relief at his escape. By the end of the journey, only Naomi and Ruan are talking to Villard. He gives Naomi his log on information, she passes it to her hacker contact, Citizen Wraith. Arriving at Harvest, they off load cargo and Villard departs. Security is almost non-existent for passengers and he walks out of the port in some civilian clothes and hopefully out of their hair.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Overplanning to get Villard into the spaceport
Kevin "How about a catapult?"
Raleigh "We could build a giant wooden badger"

Talking about how Ruan is well liked by the crew
Raleigh "That's why Ruan's eventual treachery is going to be that much more of a surprise"

After the usual evening of sexual innuendo and dirty jokes, Lee is talking to Emily about Ruan interrogating Villard
Lee "Pump him dry"
Jim "…Poor word choice…"