Tao Shu

Early Days

Tao-shu Brown was born with a gun in her hand. From an early age on a farm on Jiangyin, she had shot targets and beer cans with her father when work was slow.

On a day around her 13th birthday, she was out shooting alone. Her father was drunk again, and she wanted to get away for a while. Looking back to see if the coast was clear, she saw her mother being cornered with a kitchen knife. There was no real thought process, her finger just pulled the trigger.

Tao-shu's father fell to the ground, grievously wounded. Her mother called for a doctor from town, and because of the nature of the wound, Mr. Brown died a few weeks later. Tao-shu was sent away to a boarding school on Hera.


Tao-Shu grew up a strong, independent woman and found her way into the Hera Army as a sniper specialist. Because of the nature of the Army, each soldier had a second job, Tao-shu's was rifle training new recruits.

When the Independents started recruiting, the Hera Army was absorbed into the Independents' 23rd Fast Attack unit. Her status as a warrant officer allowed her to command a small sniper unit consisting of herself, Osmond, a long time friend from Jiangyin, and Wilks, a capable shooter from Hera.

During combat missions on Aphrodite, The the 23rd Fast Attack Unit sent a fire-team composed of Warrant Officer Brown along with Specialist Osmond and Private First Class Wilks to scout a valley with a potential alliance threat. This team had been a winning combination and the 23rd had gained a footing where many other companies had failed.

This group had a knack for identifying key supply chains including fuel depots, water supplies, food stores, and weapons cashes. The team would scout for a series of days before the artillery was in range.


While investigating an alliance supply station, they witnessed some of the horrors of war. Boris Yegevny and his team of "Butchers" were known to have the highest kill-to-capture ratio in the Georgia theater of operations. They tortured browncoat fire-team "White-Feather Foxtrot" in a ritualistic manner. Foxtrot was killed twenty hours after capture by firing squad.

When the 23rd was in range, Warrant Officer Brown commanded Osmond to drop smoke and evacuate, indicating that the zone was safe to strike. Warrant Officer Brown commanded the forward team to retreat. Private Wilks refused orders to evacuate, having Yegevny in his sights. The Warrant Officer forced the Private to move and was caught by an artillery shell.

Private First Class Wilks went AWOL and transported injured Warrant Officer Brown to the 42nd Overlanders Forward Field Medical Facility. Warrant Officer Brown died from those wounds a few days after. After the war, Wilks moved her body to Hera, she is buried in his family's cemetary under a peach tree.