(Played by Kimi)

Physical Description
Tall, slender and beautiful female Twi'lek with radiant green skin.

Sold into slavery early in Talik's life, she learned of powers which helped her escape before her seventh birthday.



A Quote

Allure (Major)- +2d bonus to Persuasion and other inter-personal skills vs other characters that find you attractive.
Home on the Range (minor)- +1d on rolls to ride or control animals.

Memorable (Major)- Witnesses receive a +2d bonus to remember or identify you.
Nosy (minor)- -1d penalty to social and mental actions when you are aware of a mystery that is distracting you.


Jedi Knight Kai Ar'sei- Talik's old master, she is a Bothan. While most Bothans are considered self-centered and untrustworthy, Kai's jedi upbringing gave her a strong moral code and she passed that on to Talik. Female Bothan, light brown fur with white furred hands and feet.

Ulsaan Rehsor- A Sluissi ship engineer, he discovered Talik hiding in an alley, trying to scrounge for food after her escape from slavery. He brought her back to his ship and convinced his captain to detour to deliver her to a civilized Republic world where she could be taken care of. Dark green Sluissi male.

Derran Lowsyk- One of the Jedi Temple's educators, he recognized Talik's interest and bond with animals and encouraged her to explore it and enhance it with her jedi training. Elderly human male, short white hair and goatee. He is full of stories from his youth when he worked for a survey team.

Force Skills

Absorb/Dissipate Energy: This power allows the Jedi to absorb or dissipate energy, including light, heat, radiation and blaster bolts.
Reduce Injury: A Jedi may use this power to reduce the amount of injury she suffers.
Enhance Attribute:A Jedi uses this power to increase a single attribute for a limited amount of time.

Control and Sense
Lightsaber Combat: If the Jedi is successful in using this power, she adds her sense dice to her lightsaber skill roll when attacking and parrying. The Jedi may add or subtract part or all of her control dice to the lightsaber's damage

Beast Language: This power allows the Jedi to translate a beast-language and speak it.
Receptive Telepathy: A Jedi can read the surface thoughts and emotions of the target.
Danger Sense: Danger sense allows a Jedi to extend her senses, creating an early warning.
Magnify Senses: This power allows a Jedi to increase the effectiveness of her normal senses.

Sense and Alter
Induce Sleep: Induced sleep allows a Jedi to put a target into a deep sleep.
Affect Emotions: Allows a Jedi to manipulate the emotional state of a target.
Dim Other's Senses: This power greatly reduces the Perception of the target character.

Force Pull/Push: a Jedi may use the Force to push up to four adjacent targets backwards, or pull up to 4 objects to their hand.
Inspire: A Jedi can instill great confidence in one or more of her allies.
Light: Causes an object to glow, shedding light in a 10 meter radius.
Split Force: This power allows one additional target to her Force power during that round.
Telekinesis: The Jedi can levitate and move objects with the power of her mind alone.
Reshape Material: This power allows the Jedi to mold a volume of matter to a new shape.
Strengthen/Weaken Material: This power strengthens or weakens the structure of an object.

Control and Alter
Hibernation Trance: Allows a Jedi to place herself into a deep trance, slowing all body functions.

Control, Sense and Alter
Affect Mind: The target character's perceptions are altered so that he senses an illusion or fails to see what the user of the power doesn't want him to see.
Battle Meditiation: The Jedi can force her adversaries to turn on each other or she can strengthen her allies and weaken her enemies.