The Taint

The Taint is the oriental version of necromancy dark points. Using blood magic taints its user, earning them Taint points, but they can call upon their taint for more power, earning more taint points. Victims of the taint develop mental instabilities and physical deformities. Tainted creatures can be overcome by the taint and lose their minds and souls and mutate into creatures of great evil. Some evil spells inflict taint points on their victims and so do the attacks of certain monsters. Some healing spells reduce taint, but it is almost impossible to clear it completely. Once a character has been infected with some taint, it is always there, hoping to corrupt the character and increase in power until the victim turns to evil. Bloodspeakers are a cult of tainted people, mostly spellcasters who use the taint for more power.
Jade can absorb the taint and protect from it, but once the jade absorbs the taint, it is corrupted and useless. Jade weapons and spells using jade do extra damage to tainted creatures.