Sword of the Father

After defeating the evil mage of House Margaster and her demon bodyguards, the party searches her manor for treasure. Sir Conlan loads the corpses in their carriage and takes them to the temple of Tyr in Silverymoon and reports that they uncovered this evil. The temple thanks the party and promises to handle matters with the town guard. The party gathers up treasure including two scrolls, a potion, a ring and some gold. The items are identified as a Scroll of Cloudkill, Scroll of Protection from Fiends, Ring of Invisibility and Potion of Greater Healing. Astrid takes the first scroll and Skamos the next, Valfir claims the ring and Talak the potion.
They spend some time getting supplies and trying to find magic weapons, but choices are slim. They trade the Talon long sword for an enchanted short sword for Valfir and 1,000 gold. Deciding they need more weapons to fight the giants, they head to House Zymorven to speak to Harthos Zymorven to get his giant slayer sword. On the road they meet a group of wood elves who offer their assistance, but since Valfir is uncomfortable around them, the party thanks them and moves on. When they arrive at Zymorven's keep, they find there are no guards and only a few inhabitants. The stable boy carries word to Harthos and they are invited in. They meet with Harthos in the great hall and explain their quest. Unfortunately, Harthos' son ran off with his barmaid girlfriend when Harthos forbid their relationship and he took the sword when he fled to Yartar. The party agrees to retrieve the sword and his son Harthal in return for use of the sword against the giants. Alaric asks about the lack of guards and Harthos guarantees him the keep is well defended… Since Yartar is on the Harper's teleportation network, the party travels to Everlund and then to Yartar.
In Yartar, the party goes to a tavern and finds it crawling with the local Thieves' Guild. Erza makes contact and buys information about Harthal. He was arrested for murder by a corrupt guard captain who uses his rank to arrest and punish people. Sir Conlan goes to the town guard and makes an appointment to come back and speak to the guard captain. Seeing that the guards are corrupt, Sir Conlan and Skamos return to speak to the guard captain Thorzal and bargain to get the Harthal released. The captain is carrying the giant slayer sword and thinks they are going to bribe him and agrees to meet them at the side door. The party sets up an ambush with Erza on the roof next door while the rest of the party waits in the street. Skamos and Sir Conlan come to the door and Captain Thorzal and eight guards bring out Harthal and Thorzal asks for 800 gold as a bribe. Sir Conlan casts Shield of Faith and pulls rank as a paladin and tells Thorzal to surrender the prisoner. Skamos makes the ground tremble with thaumaturgy. Thorzal throws Harthal forward and orders the guards to attack. Erza shoots at Thorzal but misses. Alaric charges in and releases his breath weapon on the guards and knocks many of them down. Astrid casts Sleet Storm in the alley behind the guards, blocking their escape. Valfir Shadow Walks behind the guards to attack Thorzal, but slips on the ice and falls. Skamos uses Hold Person and paralyzes the guard captain before he can escape. Sir Conlan casts Thunder Smite and strikes the ground, releasing the thunderclap and orders the guards to surrender in the name of Tyr. They drop their weapons and surrender and Skamos heals the fallen guards. Alaric takes the giant slayer sword and passes it to Sir Conlan. Sir Conlan orders the guards to release Thorzal's prisoners and Alaric ties up Thorzal while Erza loots him. The guards return, releasing the people Thorzal arrested, including Harthal's girlfriend. The party gathers up Thorzal, Harthal and his woman and take them back to the teleportation circle to return to Everlund. Sir Conlan turns Thorzal over to the Tyr priests for trial then sits down with Harthal and convinces him to return to his father's side and take up his responsibility as heir and lord of the their manor's people. He suggests Harthal's girlfriend stay in Silverymoon so they can continue their relationship and maybe Harthal will be able to convince his father to accept her.
After a brief rest and resupply in Silverymoon, the party heads north to travel to the dwarven citadel at Felbarr to ask for aid. Along the road, they meet refugees fleeing a giant attack on their village. The party approaches the village and finds a frost giant with a dragon skull helm investigating dead giants. Believing him to be the ally Old Gnawbone told them about, Alaric approaches and parleys with the giant. He is Harshnag and greets the party and agrees to talk. The party tells him what they have seen and he agrees to help. He explains that giant society is in chaos, the storm giant king has disappeared and the giant hierarchy, or Ordning, is breaking down. He will lead them to the Temple of the All Father in search of answers. He also verifies the giant slayer sword is real.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Chmiel is going to be late
Lee "He can catch up, he's used to that"
Jim "He's used to being behind the eight ball"
Michael "The nine ball"

The party moved into colder terrain and season and the white dragonborn is more comfortable. We discussed his body odor smells like wintergreen, he pisses spearmint, etc.

Approaching Zymorven Keep, the keep is on defensive high ground
Kevin "Uh oh, it has the higher ground; don't attack"

Discussing the mix of races in Yartar
Jim "There are more tieflings than Mirialans"

Lee says the party's journey goes through the Nether Mountains
Mike "Nether Regions?"
Lee "There's a path"
Mike "I'm sure there is…"