Jake- Elf Ranger, Alan
Lee- Human Cleric of Tyr, Lothar
Callum- Human Fighter, Ancip
Chris- Elf Mage, Edres
Andrew- Human Paladin of Tyr, Sir Hugo "the Meat Hammer"
Brett- Human Fighter Symus
Michael- Human Duellist Vyncent

While travelling cross country, Sir Hugo turns off the main road and goes down a side road without saying anything. When Lothar catches up and questions him, he seems to be waking up as if from sleepwalking. He doesn't know what happened, but he feels the need to go this way, something bad has happened. The side road takes them to an apparently deserted little village, but there is a body in the road. Dressed like a peasant, he has been stabbed and possibly attacked by animals after death. His flesh has a discolored look that suggests death by poison. Alan notices that he hears no birdsong or other animals. They move in to search the town.

They spot a blond woman wrapped in a blanket on the other side of town, she walks away towards the woods when she spots them. The party follows her and call out to her. She turns when they get close and her eyes glow a vile green. Her skin splits and shreds as the creature inside expands to normal size, it is some sort of demonic wasp. The party spots five more coming from the woods to attack. They fight fiercely, but Symus, Edres and Alan are poisoned and paralyzed by the time the demon wasps are defeated, and others in the party are mortally wounded. Edres is revived with a potion of Cure Poison and they move the wounded back to town. Searching the village, they find the local medicine woman's shop and manage to locate some herbal potions that revive Alan and Symus. The party heals and holds up over night and decides to explore the next day.

They head in the direction the first demon was leading them and find a mound of dirt from an underground hive. Two more demon wasp sentries attack them, then they decide to prepare an ambush. They make a web of ropes over the opening, roll a barrel of pitch down the tunnel and ignite it. Edres cast Pyrotechnics on it to fill the tunnel with smoke. More demon wasps emerge and Edres casts Web to trap some of them. Others are delayed by the rope web and the party slaughters them. They clear the web and a couple more demon wasps attack and then the hive is silent. Alan goes in under Invisibility and explores the tunnel. The rest of the party follows him. He heads forward and makes out a dim glow, he comes to a huge underground chamber. The missing villagers are unconscious from the wasps' poison and covered with demon wasp eggs. Realizing the villagers are food for the squirming eggs which are about to hatch, Edres uses Monster Summoning to get some goblins that he sends forward to begin clearing eggs off the villagers. But a giant queen demon wasp appears from being Invisible and slaughters the goblins and turns on the party. They engage her and defeat the queen. The eggs are moved and destroyed, the demons are dissected for the gems in their bellies. The townspeople are moved back to the village and nursed back to health once their paralysis fades.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Trying to figure out what to do with paralyzed characters
Michael "I pour my drink on him"
Jim "Now he's unconscious and smells like whiskey"
Michael "That's me every Friday night"

Lee "Since people are hurt, we'll need your healing potions"
Callum "I didn't buy healing potions, I bought Cure Poison"
Lee "That's even better"
Callum "But I wasn't poisoned…"

Andrew "I can Lay Hands on myself and heal me, right?"
Lee "And people say touching yourself is bad…"

Lee "Shouldn't we send the elf to scout? The paladin's armor is clanky"
Jake "What?!"