Supply Raid

Your mission, should you accept it…
The team is called together to meet with Commander Gion, Oracle Base's planning and operations officer. She explains that supplies are running low, especially medical supplies and particularly bacta. They are expecting a supply run from the Rebel Alliance, but it is overdue. They have decided to make it up locally, and the best local source is to steal it from the Empire. She brings up a hologram of the sector showing Rebel and Imperial positions and zooms in on a small Imperial base. This is a small resupply base on the planet Laud. The main starport in the capital city of Delra has the main Imperial presence, including a squadron of TIE fighters, Imperial Army troops and a Stormtrooper company. However, there is a supply facility in the city of Heede. There are also probably three small patrol craft for customs inspections. The Rebels have deliberately avoided the system in order to lull the Imperials into relaxing their security. The team needs to raid the warehouse facility and get as much medical supplies and bacta as they can and try to destroy the rest. They will be given two backpack demolition charges. Also, they can supply some Imperial uniforms.
The team begins planning. Hack is confident he can program the ship's transponder to show them as an Imperial Navy auxiliary and forge a supply order so the base will provide them what they want. Zaonderh offers to help with the forged order and they collaborate on it. Lieutenant Arden will dress as a senior Imperial lieutenant, Varek as a junior lieutenant and Hack as a midshipman cadet. Zaonderh and Leelan will need to hide aboard ship, ready to help if needed. The team gathers their equipment and disguises and depart for Laud. Leelan and Varek work out the courses away from the base to a deep space point, then on to Laud to disguise their origin.

Your papers are not in order
The Shriek-Hawk, disguised as the INS Mizmor arrives in the Laud system. They are challenged by a Guardian class patrol ship. Cathal takes the call, but fumbles his initial response, but covers it with a coughing fit. He convinces tha patrol ship they are there to pick up needed supplies. The patrol officer tells them they are not on their expected arrivals list, but Hack transmits a sliced report and C'athall tells them to check again. The patrol ship officer reads the update and passes them. Varek brings the ship in for a landing at the Imperial supply base. Hack slices into their files and gets a manifest of what they should have and updates their false request forms to take as much of it as they can. C'athall, Varek and Hack disembark in their uniforms and meet a local officer with an Army trooper escort. C'athall explains their "mission" and Hack hands over a datapad with the forged supply order. Unfortunately, Hack did not get it right and the local officer says it's out of date. C'athall explains their need for medical supplies for casualties and the officer is more concerned than obstructive. He feels they can get it taken care of and offers to take them to the supply officer. Cathal agrees and sends Hack back aboard ship and Cathal and Varek follow the local officer into the small administrative building. Looking aroun, the base seems seedy and run down, it was obviously converted from a local civilian facility. The troops are relaxed and sloppy. The officer takes them to the supply officer's office and they notice that his office furnishings are very expensive, much more so than would be expected for an officer on a minor base… C'athall explains their needs and the supply officer looks over their forms. He says they certainly should be able to help, but they will probably only be able to provide a quarter of the requested supplies and a tenth of the bacta. But he is sweating, they can see he's hiding something. C'athall starts to get huffy and threaten the officer, but Varek intervenes and suggests some bribery, which doesn't go over well. Hack calls to "remind" C'athall of their planned departure time and drops the name of the Imperial admiral in charge of the sector. He then heads for the office. The supply officer refuses to budge, saying they need to mainitain a reserve for other requests. C'athall finally loses his temper, grabs the officer and slams his head into the desk, knocking him to the floor. Varek grapples with the trooper, disarming him and C'athall disarms the guide officer who shouts for help. C'athall breaks his neck and Varek knocks out the trooper then shoots the stunned officer on the floor.

Outside, Leelan opens fire on two troopers standing guard by one of the warehouses and hits them with the ship's ion cannon, destroying their weapons and comms and stunning them. Zaonderh runs down the ramp and shoots at the guards by the administrative building. All the guards head for cover as Leelan swings the ship around and continues to fire at the guards. Zaonderh runs into the motor pool building and starts up the armored personnel carrier there and drives it towards the ship so the defenders can't turn its weapons on them. Hack joins up with C'athal and Varek and they return to the ship. Zaonderh has Leelan rebroadcast his signal over the ship's PA speakers and orders the guards to surrender, which they do. Hack gets back into the Imperial system and orders the warehouse cargo droids to begin delivering the medical supplies to the ship. But it turns out that there is much less on hand than the inventory system suggests. The supply officer has been selling it on the Invisible Market!
While the droids are loading the ship, C'athal goes to place the demolition charges in the warehouse. Varek heads to the bridge and sees TIE fighters approaching and sounds the alert, then mans the ion cannon turrret. Hack tries to send the fighters a return to base order through the system but it doesn't work. Everyone runs back to the ship as the TIEs dive to attack. Varek hits one, freezing its controls and leaving it unable to steer, then hits the other one causing it to crash. They take off and head for orbit. C'athal mans the bow blaster turret and Hack takes the sensors. They detect four more TIEs and a patrol ship maneuvering to intercept them. Leelan pours on the speed, heading for safe jump distance. Two of the TIE fighters catch up and C'athal and Varek engage them, disabling the TIE's weapons. The next two TIEs close in and are driven off before they can damage the shp. Leelan makes the jump to hyperspace and they escape.
When they return to base, C'athal writes an after action report and they are called in for a debriefing with Commander Gion. She congratulates them on getting some supplies and destroying the base. They didn't get as much as was hoped, but they can't be blamed since Intelligence didn't realize the Imperials were selling the supplies.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
We were discussing if the planet Tel III had any moons and Emily suggested it had 14
Lee "Take your girlfriend outside and fondle each other through your spacesuits under the light of 14 moons"
Emily "I can't imagine what the tides are like"
Michael "When the moons line up, you get 100 foot waves"
Jim "That's when the surfer convention arrives"

Discussing that the campaign starts after the Battle of Yavin and that the destruction of the Death Star was a tremendous boost for Rebel morale and recruiting
Jim "There's a new hope"
Lee "I feel the Empire will strike back"
Mike "Someone will return"

The adventure takes place in the Laud system, which Jim mispronounced as "loud"
Lee "You can hear it from miles away"
Jim "Have you been hanging around with Chmiel?"

The mission shouldn't be too hard
Lee "It's a milk run. A blue milk run"

Discussing Lee's character only goes by his nickname
Lee "You don't know my name"
Michael "It's on your W-2"

Continual jokes and puns about being in the "Loud" system
Lee "It comes out loud, but no one notices because the ambient noise is so high"

Cathal and Varek are not doing well bribing the supply officer
Lee "Worst. Bribers. Ever."

Michael rolls to hit with two shots and due to bad rolls and botches, ends up with totals in the single digits
Lee "The troopers look at you and say 'That's a bad shot. And we're Imperials…' "

Rolling to see if Hack accidentally shoots C'athall or Varek
Kevin "If you shoot us, you're getting a talking to"

Jim asks Kevin a question about Varek's stats
Kevin "I have a Knowledge of two"
Lee "Two dice or two points?"

Jim, to Lee "Do you have Forgery?"
Lee "Poetry?"
Emily "That's what I heard, too"
Jim "It's not a pork truck"

Lee fails his Forgery to concoct an authentic sounding recall order to the TIE fighters
Lee "I might have done better rolling Poetry"