Our Party
Zinnius (Brittany)- A kenku ranger searching for his family (who were kidnapped and sold into slavery) and seeking revenge on the nobleman who sold them.

Gala (Jack)- An eledhel (high elf) sorceror fighting evil and the moredhel (dark elves) in particular.

Flynn (Nick)- A human barbarian soldier. He betrayed his men in a deal with a demon to bring his dead son back to life. But his son came back demon possessed and Flynn killed his son and was exiled from his tribe as a traitor. Now he hunts demons for revenge.

Raaha (Sam)- A human arabian warlock, she made a deal with a genie to help save her family. Now she travels the world stealing magic items for the genie's collection.

Jace (Stacy)- A human priest of Sung, god of Light. Jace is the lesser son of a noble family. He was almost assassinated for digging into conspiracies in his home town.

Campaign Setting- Midkemia
Midkemia is the setting of Raymond Feist's fantasy novels, which in turn is based on his old D&D campaign in college. The campaign is centered between the two major human nations: the Kingdom of the Isles and the Empire of Kesh. There are most of the typical fantasy races; elves (good and evil), dwarves, gnomes, orcs, giants and such, but no halflings. The Kingdom is mostly medieval European in flavor, Kesh is Mediterranean (ancient Rome) and Arabian. But the Empire is vast and rules over Asian, Scandinavian and African cultures as well.

The Story So Far
After an adventure that bonded a group of strangers into a team, the party was hired by a scholar, Adolphus, to go on an "archeological mission" to explore some old tombs. Adolphus turns out to be a retired priest of Lims-Kragma (Goddess of Rightful Death and the Afterlife); the tombs are the minions of an ancient elven necromancer. The tombs have been disturbed and Adolphus fears someone is seeking the old, evil magic. An army of orcs lead by a mysterious cloaked figure chases them through the northlands and Raaha's genie leads them through abandoned mines to claim an item from a beholder. They return to the Kingdom and visit Jace's family to find demon worshippers raiding towns for sacrifices. The cultists were behind the conspiracy that tried to kill him and did kill his sister. Their demon master recognizes Flynn. Raaha's quest leads them to the island of Queg where Zinnius' tribe is being held. They help Raaha steal another item and Zinnius is able to rescue his daughter and some of his clan and send them to safety. But the party is stuck on Queg.