Strike the Head

About a week after the combined devil and assassin's attack on Gotorget (Night Terrors), Marshall dy Yarrin summons the party to a meeting. "Carlos" is there and openly wards the room against magical surveillance. dy Yarrin explains that he has received intelligence telling where the warlord is currently based, he wants the party to go to the village of Tarhoon and attack and kill the warlord in his headquarters.

The party agrees and begins discussing how to make the week long journey behind enemy lines as quickly and safely as possible. They decide that Jozan will cast Plane Shift and they will travel there through the Ethereal plane. They also decide to take Kiriana's warhorse with them. They prepare the items they need and rest up, then depart. Two days into the journey, they meet a pair of hollyphants travelling the Ethereal plane on a mission for the goddess Torre. Since the party has Torre's Favor for helping reclaim one of her temples, the hollyphants offer to help take the party to their destination. Everyone emerges from the Ethereal plane and the hollyphants Teleport the party in pairs to a hillside just outside Tarhoon. Realizing they are within the enemy's patrol area, they cast a Leomund's Secure Shelter spell so they can rest, and Cyrus uses his Wand of Illusions to conceal the structure. After they have rested, Jozan casts Heroes' Feast to prepare everyone for their attack.

The party uses the Jewel of Blindness to become invisible and infiltrate the town. They travel to the villa where the warlord is staying. They slay the guards outside and rush in, then bar the door and Fenric Wizard Locks the entrance. The party heads inside to the central courtyard and spots a group of guards with crossbows defending the stairs to the second floor. Fenric promptly Fireballs the guards. As the party moves forward, they are struck by two Wall of Fire spells.
Fenric uses Detect Magic and Kiriana uses Detect Evil to locate bad guys on the upper floor. Leander snipes at one on one side, who turns out to be a Liartian priest. As the party climbs the stairs over the smoking corpses of the guards, they animate and rise as zombies. Jozan and Antonio stay behind for the rear guard against the zombies, Silvaris and Cyrus go after the Liartian, Kiriana and Fenric go the other way. Silvaris shoots the priest repeatedly breaking his spellcasting, then Cyrus and Silvaris finish him off in melee. Meanwhile, Kiriana and Fenric spot the warlord and his three elite guards, the one in the lead gestures and another Wall of Fire drives them back. While Kiriana and Fenric face the Wall of Fire, the warlord and his guards Teleport behind them and attack. Kiriana and Fenric are trapped with the Wall of Fire behind them and attack, but every spell they cast fails. Jozan and Antonio finish the zombies and come upstairs to help, Antonio uses his Potion of Storm Giant Strength. The warlord hits Jozan and Antonio with a Psionic Blast and Antonio goes berserk. Silvaris and Cyrus join the attack and Cyrus Disintegrates the guard sent after them. The warlord is slain by Antonio's potion enhanced sword blows, but now one of the surviving guards uses psionic powers as well! Cyrus snipes him with Mind Thrust and Id Insinuation while the rest of the party attacks physically. Cyrus strips his mental defenses and wipes his mind, reducing him to a mindless automaton, then uses Psychic Crush to kill him. Fenric Teleports out of harms way, then summons an Iron Maiden warrior to fight. Jozan tries a Blade Barrier, and slices one of the guards before he can move. Antonio picks up the other guard and throws him into the Blade Barrier, but the Blades strike him and disintegrate. Jozan casts Healing Circle and the party combines their attacks on the last two guards and bring them down. Once dead, the warlord and his guards' bodies change into three Ram devils and a Pit Fiend!! The warlord that lead the Pargunese invasion of the Marches wasn't even human! No wonder the Pargunese forces were reinforced with so many summoned devils and other infernal beasts.

Outside, the troops have battered down the Wizard Locked gate, but the repeated Wall of Fire and the Fireball spells have set half the villa aflame. Fenric casts Fly and goes up to drive off the troops trying to get in with another Fireball spell. The party decides to flee and uses various spells and items to escape. Once back at their initial camp, they rest briefly, then Teleport back to Gotorget.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Jim "Go big or go home…in a box"
Chmiel "Can we do Leomund's Secure Treehouse?"
Kevin "Fireball don't care"