Stories from Serenity Valley

Londy Sergeant Tzuo- Emily
Wisecracking Scout- Matt
Heavy Weapons- Kevin
Sniper- Michael
Farmboy- Chmiel

We had been talking about doing a flashback game about the war, the player characters are soldiers in the Independents' army in Serenity Valley. Specifically, the 2nd platoon, Charlie company, 3rd battalion of the 39th Legion of the Boros Expeditionary Force. The adventure opens during the Serenity Valley flashback from the Firefly pilot episode. The massive assault wave of ALSTs descends and the cluster bomb attack from the TV show happens to our characters. When the smoke clears, only the player characters and a handful of wounded NPCs are alive. Emily's sergeant takes charge, gathers her survivors, salvages some gear and leads them back to their unit's firebase. They exchange fire with some Alliance scouts moving forward from their landing zones. When they arrive, the firebase has been destroyed. They locate some more survivors, some weapons including two anti-vehicle missiles and a damaged truck. They find a radio and learn that the Independents High Command has surrendered, but most of the units in Serenity Valley have mutinied and are refusing to lay down arms. They hear that the 42nd Overlanders are forming up behind the 39th Legion and their hospital is still functioning. They decide to take their wounded there, load up the truck and take off, following a dirt road heading to the rear. Halfway down the road, they go off road to throw off pursuit and leave a claymore mine behind to discourage Alliance scouts. Driving cross country, they find survivors from Bravo company under command of a lieutenant. He commandeers their truck to carry the two groups' wounded, gives them two more soldiers, including Kevin's heavy weapons gunner, and orders them to prepare an ambush for the Alliance troops following them.
The enlarged team sets up the ambush and an APC and squad of enemy troops come into their trap. Kevin's gunner missiles the APC to start the ambush, then switches to his grenade launcher. The team's crossfire takes out the Alliance troops and after scavenging from them, they head forward and make it to the 42nd 's positions. They are told to stand by at the hospital and wait for orders. The 42nd's commander, Major Sung, talks with Sgt. Tzuo, tells them they have a medevac flight coming in and to help load wounded. The medevac is of course Captain Sata making his famous last flight. The team sees the 42nd's doctor argue with Sung and one of their sergeants. Major Sung then tells Emily's sergeant that he is getting any offworlder troops off that he can. The local troops from Hera are staying, he and most of his men are from Shadow, so they don't have a home to go back to. Tzuo dissents, since he can't go back to Londinium and decides to stay. They finish loading the Osprey, and the 42nd's doctor and some personnel board and the ship takes off. The doctor sulks for a few minutes, then speaks to the pilot over the intercom. He plugs a music player into the PA, and the Beatles' "Let it Be" plays as the doctor gets to work on the wounded.

As I said, we had talked about doing a war flashback adventure. Emily and I discussed it and settled on the Battle of Serenity Valley. So I wrote an adventure that starts with the events in the TV show's flashback and ties into the background stories of our old player characters Captain Sata, Lennon and Wilks and their history of the last medevac flight that made it out of Serenity Valley. The title was a take on "Letters from Iwo Jima".

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Matt "Expeditionary force? I thought it said "Expendable" Force"

Matt "Not so badass, more goat-humping" about Chmiel's Farmboy Browncoat

Emily "Rules Lawyer for the win" after winning an argument with Jim

Matt "Go home dice, you're drunk"

Chmiel "I'm not dumb, just ignorant"
Emily "You fooled me"

Emily "Never bring a beer to a cocktail party"

Emily "If you want a beer that drinks like soda; PBR"

Jim "Okay, you're going off road"
Matt "No, we're off topic"

Emily "Your chest is not just a hanger for boobs"

Emily "I usually say when I'm doing something dumb"

We had a running gag about mooning instead of saluting:
Kevin "Why didn't you moon us? We almost shot you"

Emily "It shoots when I do it" realizing how that sounded, she rolled her eyes and decided to go all the way and said "That's what she said!"

Emily "I was just going to tell you to distract them with interpretive dance."

After blowing up the Alliance APC and taking out the troops, Matt's scout searches them.
Kevin "Is there any teabagging involved?"

Kevin "I'm surrounded by douchebags!"