No Time to Rest

(Based on the Megatraveller adventure from Challenge magazine #50, written by Robert N. Sprinkle.)

Inspector Y'ggdrasil- played by Mike
Lieutenant Luldi Pane- played by MC

At Herdessa Base, Y'ggdrasil is summoned to a briefing with Senior Inspector Jado Kene, who is his superior. He is surprised to see base commander Commodore Tane at the meeting as well. Kene explains that they have an important mission, but it is "off the books" and they would like Y'ggdrasil to volunteer. He agrees immediately and the commodore explains. A few days ago, the personal yacht of Senator Gavid Obrinn from Alassa Major in the Vilonis sector was reported overdue. At the moment, it is believed to be due to mechanical difficulties. But the commodore is not sure. He is an old friend of the senator's, they worked together years ago. There are some major issues coming up in Senate soon, he could see Senator Obrinn's enemies arranging some mischief. They want Y'ggdrasil to investigate the disappearance. He agrees again and Kene hits the intercom and tells his assistant to send in Lieutenant Pane. The door opens and a female Toydarian wearing a Republic Fleet uniform enters. Inspector Kene introduces her as Lieutenant Luldi Pane, she is a pilot with experience in law enforcement, chasing pirates, smugglers and the like.
The senator's yacht was returning from an inspection tour of some of the poorer worlds in the sector. It was last seen at Nerrif Station on its way back to Alassa Major after visiting Nomlis III and Kirima. The senator was accompanied by his aide and a bodyguard and the ship's pilot, engineer and steward. There has been no contact since their departure from Nerrif. Kene has a briefing for them on a data chip. A small courier ship has been prepared for them, draw supplies from the base armory and depart immediately. Y'ggdrasil and Luldi agree and leave to make preparations. Y'ggdrasil visits the armory and requisitions a blaster rifle and stun grenades, the sergeant mentions the commodore told them to expect him. They meet and review the material and decide to head to Nerrif Station where the yacht was last seen.
At Nerrif Station, they go to see the Portmaster. His secretary trie to get them an appointment later, but Y'ggdrasil bullies her into taking them in now. The portmaster is angry, but it is an important matter and gives them some help, but says his security chief may me able to help them more. The station security chief is much more receptive and shows them security camera of both visits by the yacht. In the second visit's recording, only the pilot and an unknown human leave the ship, they are able to identify him as a known pirate. Lt. Pane looks at the records of the ship's servicing and sees they took on too much fuel and too little life support resupply compared to previous servicing. The security officer pulls up the pirate's information and known associates, one of them is from a backwater world nearby called Prine. They decide to go there to investigate. While plotting the course, Luldi realizes that if the yacht detoured to Prine on its way to the station, that would account for its late arrival at Nerrif station and the extra fuel consumption.
They travel to Prine and land at its largest town and visit the local sheriff in street clothes instead of uniforms. At first he's suspicious, but once he realizes they are law enforcement, he is a big help. The local criminal used to use an abandoned mine complex as a hideout, he gives them directions. Also, an unidentified ship was seen landing near there recently, perhaps it was the yacht.
They fly to the mine complex and Luldi brings them in on a very low approach. There are lights on in a building in the complex, they find some thugs guarding the senator and some of his people. During a distraction, they capture one of the guards and question him and find out there's another guard in a watchpost on a tall building. Lt. Pane flies up and drops a stun grenade on him, then flies away with his blaster rifle. They storm the building and exchange fire with the guards. Y'ggdrasil is hit twice and Luldi is grazed but they take out the kidnappers. They rescue the senator, take their prisoners to the local jail and fly the senator home.

Silly Quotes and Smart remarks
Discussing Toydarian physiology and that their "pot belly" is actually a bladder of lighter than air gas to help them fly, Jim suggests it's hydrogen.
MC "So their boobs are probably the same, which means my boobs float up under my chin"
Jim "Do you squeeze your nipples to let gas out to reduce buoyancy? Can you hold up a lighter to shoot flames?"

Landing at the so called port on the backwater world of Prine
Mike "How sketchy are the techs here?"
MC " 'Had sex with my sister before coming to work' sketchy?"
Jim "Not that bad"
Mike "Sex with their cousin"

MC rolls 10d6 for piloting, but botches and ends up with a 26
Jim "3.5 is the average on a d6, so she got below average but a decent landing"
MC "Sounds like my life; below average but a decent landing"

(GM's note: This is the fourth time I have run this adventure, once for Traveller way back in the late 80's, once for the Yellow Submarine campaign and again as a delve and now for Star Wars, so I have used it for three different game systems.)