Star Wars D6

Star Wars D6 was the first major RPG for the Star Wars setting. A lot of the material for the game was of such high quality that Lucasfilms considered it canon and some of the material was used in the Expanded Universe novels.

House Rules
Character Creation Tutorial
Force Powers
Revised Blaster Ranges
Military Ranks

D6 Holocron- Has an amazing wiki of game material and downloads of every Star Wars D6 product ever.
Wookiepedia- Another great wiki, but focused on the source material, not the game.

From Lee:
Excel Character Sheet (with more room for Force powers): Character sheet
Galactic Maps (high resolution, zoomable (is that a word?)): Maps

Shadows of Discord

Return to Hoth
Egg Hunt
Wookies Amok
Escape from Mos Shuuta

Rogue One Debate

The Rim