Star Trek Notes

Recommended original series Star Trek episodes

Season 1
The Naked Time, (Balance of Terror)*, Arena, Space Seed, A Taste of Armageddon, The Devil in the Dark, Errand of Mercy*, The City on the Edge of Forever, (Operation: Annihilate)

Season 2
Amok Time*, Mirror, Mirror, (The Doomsday Machine), Journey to Babel*, (The Trouble with Tribbles)*, (Obsession), (The Immunity Syndrome), Return to Tomorrow, (The Ultimate Computer),

Season 3
(The Enterprise Incident)*, The Tholian Web, Elaan of Troyius*

(Titles) are my favorite episodes, many of them involve "space monsters" of one kind or another. *One star episodes are important for background of the setting, but may not be great shows. The rest are above average episodes