Stacked Deck

(GM's note: A combination of Aces & Eights and Second Deal. But we didn't get to finish.)

Ex-Cop: "Duke",as in "the Duke abides". Played by Konrad
Ex-Prizefighter: Quincy "The Brick" Malone. Played by Matt
Gambler: Frank "Frankie" Valley. Played by Mike

The Capriccio Vivace is on Mars and Dirty Dan says she needs some repair time. Duke and Quincy are looking for work and run into fellow cowboy Frankie. Frankie is contacted by an old friend about a job going undercover on a casino ship to smoke out a possible professional cheater. They meet with Ting Bascom, the casino boss on the casino liner Golden Voyage. They are given tickets and some money to spend in the casino, they can keep the winnings. On board the liner, they follow a gambler named Preston who is a veteran of the Titan War. He tells tales while they play and they learn he is one of eleven survivors of eighty-eight men in a supply unit. They were ambushed by commandos and massacred. He has a commemorative deck of cards for his old unit, but he only carries it as a keepsake since non-official cards can't be used. Frankie becomes a regular table mate and appraises Preston, he seems to be a great player and not a cheater. Duke gets a duplicate room key from security and searches Preston's room, everything is clean. One night, a beautiful television star plays in Preston and Frankie's game. Low on cash, she tosses her room key into the pot. Frankie wins and spends the night with her, but his performance isn't as good as it could have been… Quincy spots some hard cases on the ship, possibly a group of soldiers. He spends some time watching them to see if they are watching Preston.
A new player joins Preston's circle, a man named Dolby, another veteran of the Titan War. The ship arrives at Ganymede and while the casino is closed, Dolby invites Preston, Frankie and Duke to his room for a game. Dolby realizes he packed his cards and Preston brings out his keep sake deck. Partway through, Dolby declares the cards are marked and produces a ship ID claiming to be security and shoots Preston with a tranquilizer dart, knocking him out. He gathers up the cards and orders everyone to remain here. But the cowboys realize Preston is dead, he must have been poisoned! They call for help and go after Dolby and spot him entering the ladder access that leads to the main section of the ship. They exchange gunfire in the ladder well but finally wound him enough to knock him out and capture him.
Shipboard security and police on Ganymede investigate and interrogate the players. Ting questions the claim that the cards are marked, they do not appear to be and Frankie ends up with the deck. Ting pays them for their work and they are free to leave. They decide to call Dan and have him come to Ganymede to pick them up, rather than taking passage back to Mars.
A few nights later, they are hanging out in a pub. Frankie is attacked by two thugs in the bathroom and beaten, they are looking for the cards. Quincy comes looking for Frankie and attacks the thugs. He grapples one and smashes his head into the sink, breaking the bowl. He helps subdue the other thug and helps Frankie out, they grab Duke, pay the tab and escape.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Matt "I stayed at the Romulan Inn"
Jim "Your bed kept cloaking"
Matt "I couldn't find my room. But it was better than the last place that had Klingon prostitutes"

Matt is dressing touristy
Konrad "For once, your poor fashion sense works to your advantage"
Mike "You need a fanny pack"
Matt "That's where I keep my derringer"

Matt "All my Stars, the spanish soap opera"

About Frankie's savoir fair
Konrad "Smooth, is that how you talk to all the ladies?"
Mike "That's how I got my last one"

Frankie wins the TV star's room key in a game and spends the night with her
Mike "The Four Seasons are coming…"
Mike rolls poorly on his Seduction
Matt "You are definitely a better poker player…
Mike "Winter came a little early…"
Jim was drinking lemonade and almost spit it on Konrad's head

Matt "Double down on black at the spinny thing"
Konrad "You mean roulette?"

Bad guys are interrogating Frankie in a stall in the men's room, Quincy comes in looking for him and sees three men in one stall
Matt "We'll have none of that in here, this is a family place"
Beating up the bad guys
Matt "I'm going to make him eat a blue hockey puck"

During the fight, "A Jig for River" by Persephone Pickers from their Firefly fan album came on
Jim "This isn't very good fight music"
Konrad "Its an Irish pub; this is what's playing in the main room"
There was a discussion of this would be a good TV show montage: Quincy and Frankie fighting thugs, back to Duke playing darts in the bar, Quincy and Frankie fighting thugs, Duke paying for the next pitcher and pouring Guinness…