Spilled Blood

It has been several months since the team returned from being marooned by the pirates. With the intelligence from the captured ship, Republic forces have struck at several pirate installations and things are somewhat quiet in the area. Alana has finished rehabilitation with her new prosthetic arm, but Commodore Tane has ordered her to surrender her captured lightsaber and turn it in to the armory until Fom or Bruin certify she is skilled enough to use it safely. Bruin and Inspector Y'ggdrasil are offworld, testifying at proceedings for the Seaharvester violations. Talik has been working on a new pair of short bladed lightsabers and has completed the first one.
One morning, shortly after breakfast, everyone's comlinks broadcast an emergency alert, they are ordered to report to action stations aboard ship. Quint is on planet also and arrives, followed by Talik. Spots and Bolt already have the ship started, some of the crew arrive and Alana is last. She tells them they received a distress call from a monastery of Force users, the temple and town are under attack by pirates and the base is sending help, but they have the fastest ship and are ordered to head there immediately. They board the ship, Bruin's battledroid Beater is also aboard.
They lift off and Alana plots a fast jump to the planet Caldai. When they emerge from hyper, they begin scanning the planet and detect a Lethisk class freighter headed away from the planet with no transponder code. Alana alters course towards it and it changes course to flee. She calls battle stations and Quint and Sergeant Lergo man the blaster turrets. Alana runs down the freighter and orders them to surrender. They curse her in Huttese and open fire. Talik uses Battle Meditation to enhance the crew's skills and the two ships trade shots. Quint and Lergo hit the ship a couple times as they close, Alana evades all their fire. Then Lergo hits their blaster turret and Quint damages their computer system then deals a severe hit to their spaceframe and the ship disintegrates under the strain of full thrust from their engines. Alana maneuvers alongside the wreckage and scans it, then heads for the surface.
Arriving at the town surrounding the monastery, they see smoke rising from several fires in town. Two small freighters are landed in the town's berths, Alana flies over them allowing Lergo and Quint to disable them, then she lands on the sands outside of town. Alana takes Quint, Talik, Sergeant Lergo, Chief Pavond and Beater as a ground team, Spots meets them at the arms locker to pass out armor, blasters and grenades to them. Lieutenant Go lifts off to keep the ship safe and keep an eye on things. They advance to an entrance to the monastery and Chief Pavond smashes the door control panel and hotwires it. They enter the monastery and immediately find dead monks killed by blaster fire. They move deeper into the monastery and discover pirates looting the temple. Quint shoots one with his cycler rifle, then Talik Force Jumps all the way across the circular temple, lands among the pirates and slays two with a lightsaber in each hand. A fourth pirate emerges from a side room, she blocks hits blaster shot and the team guns him down. They move towards the main entrance and search for survivors and enemies. They find the kitchen and store room, but the store room's door has been cut with a lightsaber… Moving forward cautiously, they find a secret wall vault at the back of the storage room which has also been cut open with a lightsaber and emptied. They leave the monastery by the main entrance and immediately come under fire by pirates in an ambush. Beater steps in front of Talik and takes two shots aimed at her. The team returns fire but at a distance, the pirates have the firepower advantage. Talik tries to reshape the door into a barricade to hide behind, but its too strong. Alana tosses a grenade at the pirates and wounds a couple. They fall back into the monastery entrance, Quint is hit and Beater tries to fire a rocket to cover their retreat, but shoots into the ground in front of them… (GM's note: Beater was damaged and only rolled two dice and I botched) There's a pause as everyone expects the warhead to go off, but the fuze hadn't armed yet because of the minimum safety distance. They pull back into the monastery for a new plan.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing the pirate attack, Kimi's friend Amanda was spectating
Matt "Spirates"
Kimi "Steal their space booty"
Amanda "Spooty"

Discussing reports of Trump's "Golden Shower" prostitute party
Matt "I wonder how much that costs"
Kimi "I'll pee on you for free"
Jim "That's love"

Discussing the dead monks
Chmiel "Red shirts"
Jim "Red robes"

Running Beater
Jim "I keep wanting to make him sound like K-2SO, but it comes out more like Marvin the Paranoid Android"