Space Train Job

Dead ends
The Britannia is bound for New Melbourne. Along the way the oxygen regulator valve jams and the life support is not adding oxygen to the air and the air is getting thick. Naomi finds the problem but Silas breaks the valve. He jury rigs a new one from a spare fuel valve and they are able to safely make it to their destination and offload their cargo. Captain Windsor settles accounts and comes up with less than 200 credits when all is settled. Ruan donates his monthly pay back into the ship's accounts.
With things settled, they hop across system to Aesir to see if the information from the Folsom's data recorder can help solve the mystery. Cid brings them down on the landing coordinates and they find an abandoned copper mine. They search the building and find no clues, the facility has been stripped and abandoned, Silas estimates it was about five years ago. They search through the buildings and even some of the mine shafts, but find no clues. Disheartened, they fly to the nearest town, a tiny hill village 50 miles away. The locals are friendly once they figure out the crew aren't pirates or reavers, but have nothing to tell the crew. With no clues to pursue, they head back to New Melbourne to look for work.

I have job for you
Ruan realizes his communicator Niska gave him has a message. It's a short recording from Niska, he would like Ruan and Captain Windsor to call him. Ruan shows it to the captain and they reluctantly call. They get a receptionist who puts them on hold, then they are transferred to the terminal at Niska's desk. The chair is empty, then Niska comes into view wearing a bloody butcher's apron. He discards it and sits down to talk to them.
Niska says he is concerned about their finances, he has been checking up on them. To help them out, he has a little job for which he will pay them 2,000 credits. A Fei Long container transport, the Star of Paquin, will be at the Corone skyplex in a few days. He would like them to steal a particular container. He suggest that the head to the skyplex and arrive while the Star is there. They can board and stowaway on the freighter and when it departs, they make their way to the cargo controls and drop the container. Then they escape from the ship in their suits and the Britannia picks them up in deep space and they bring the container to the port on Ezra. The captain agrees and they head for the skyplex.

We can do this!
Instead of boarding the ship and hiding on board then waiting for it to depart, they come up with a cleverer idea. Naomi builds a remote to install in the Star's console so they can sneak aboard, install the remote and then get out. Ronnie provides a tracking beacon to place on the container to make it easier to detect. Silas builds a console mock-up to see if Naomi's remote works and it does. Once docked at the skyplex, Cid, Silas, Ruan and Ronnie don their suits and make their way across the outside of the station to the Star of Paquin. Ruan is concentrating on the ship and tells everyone the ship is empty (Emily botched on Ruan's Reader roll). Ronnie hacks the airlock controls while Cid places the beacon on the container. Once on board, Ruan tells them there are some crew on board after all, someone is in the upper engineering room so they need to be quiet. Silas installs the remote in the freighter's cargo controls and they all return to the Britannia and depart. The freighter leaves on schedule and they plot an intercept course, coming up from behind so the freighter's exhaust wake gives them some cover. Naomi activates the remote and the container is dropped from the freighter's rack and tumbles away. While the crew of the Star try to figure out what happened, the Britannia maneuvers up to the container. Silas opens the cargo bay doors and Ruan goes outside in his space suit and snaps a tow line onto the container. Silas winches it in with Ruan riding it. They secure the container and close the cargo bay doors. Cid takes off on a course to make it look like they are headed for Kalidasa, but once they are far enough out of sensor range, they change course for Ezra.
(GM's note- Originally they went to Ezra and dropped off the cargo with no problem. But we needed to retcon a stop somewhere so we don't miss Unification Day…)

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Talking about the hill folk town
Emily "…and lots of chewing tobacco, there's probably a spittoon on every corner."
Jim "Nope, the town is too poor to have spittoons, they just have rocks they aim at to spit on"
Kevin "That's the name of the town; Spitrock"

Jim is describing one of the old timers in town
Kevin "He probably looks like Gabby Hayes"
Emily, confused "The lead singer of the Butt Hole Surfers?"
Kevin "No that's Gibby Haynes"