Prewar Fleets

Before Unification, most of the major worlds maintained small space navies and smaller, often token, amounts of ground troops. Major worlds like Sihnon, Londinium, Osiris and Ariel had small fleets that patrolled the 'Verse protecting commerce. Even larger Rim worlds like Meridian, Boros and Beaumonde had some ships. The bulk of these vessels were small, long range patrol vessels, intended for anti-piracy actions. Very few worlds (such as Londinium) had true warships designed for ship to ship combat and space superiority missions.

Pre-Unification fleets
Londinium Space Navy
Osiran Space Force
Ariel Orbital Patrol
Sihnon Tiānshàng Chuánduì (Celestial Fleet)
Meridian Orbital Guard
Georgian System Patrol (Boros, Hera, etc)
Beaumonde Celestine Squadron