South Star

(Inspired by the Classic Traveller adventure The Snowbird Mystery, published in White Dwarf magazine. Yes, White Dwarf used to cover other games beside Warhammer…)

Mayday, Mayday…

While enroute from Santo to the Kalidasa system, the crew picks up a distress call and runs down a derelict Arrowhead class courier, the South Star. Sata has Howard plot a course, then takes the ship into hard burn to rush to the scene. The ship is cold and adrift with a large crater on her engineering section showing a catastrophic power plant failure. Sata initially plans to dock to the ship, but Jackson protests, reminding the captain what happened when they docked to the Reaver booby trap ships in Blue Sun. There's some discussion of sending Howard and maybe Lang to check it out, but Jackson protests that no one is better suited to check for problems.

A Cold, Dark Ship

Jackson spacewalks across and attaches a line to the ship. After inspecting the airlock, he gives the all clear and asks Howard to bring some more tools when he, Lang and Lennon come across. After boarding the ship, they verify the two man crew is dead and the cargo hold is empty. The ship's logs check out, the failure of the power plant destroyed the atmosphere recycling system and while the ship has some backup power left, they eventually suffocated.

They check to see if anyone else might have boarded the ship and stolen the cargo, but there are no signs of that. Knowing the class is favored by smugglers, the crew re-examines it and finds unmarked containers concealed aboard ship. Returning to the Yellow Submarine, they open the containers to find around 6,000 credits worth of drugs. Medical drugs to be sure, but ones with high street value and abuse potential.

With the difficulty of taking the vessel undertow, and it not being of huge value, the crew decides to leave it and contact the Feds to report the derelict vessel. The drugs are kept, Lennon plans to keep some, give some to Dr. Liz for her clinic and sell the rest on Beaumonde.