Slime River

The party travels through caverns and crosses a slimy river. They manage to bypass a group of xorns eating giant crystals and a chamber of hook horrors. A cave of ill kuo-toas leads them to a confrontation with an aboleth and its chuul servants.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Emily is playing Fenriz' mother, Myrkur, an infamous assassin
Emily "I have pale skin and hair, but I'm wearing all black"
Mike "Like assassins do"

Talking about how there's a lot of rape in the other campaign Mike and Lee are playing in
Mike "My asshole could swallow a bowling ball"
Emily "So it's 'Deliverance: The Game'?"

Fenriz and Myrkur are doing scouting together
Kevin "Is there a family bonus for stealth?"

A mysterious voice is speaking to the characters in their heads
MC "Oh my God; the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is coming!"
To Fenriz it says: 'Together we will be invincible'
Jim "Tell Palpatine to shut up"

The voice speaks to Orie 'All will love me one day, one day soon'
MC "Things are going well"
And again 'My love will wash over you, body and soul'
MC "That's not creepy"
Emily "Like an unsolicited dick-pic"

Lee was making clicking noises for what the players heard and it sounded like morse code
Lee "If I did morse code, it was the subconscious part of my brain calling for help"

They encounter hook horror monsters
Callum "Hook whores?"
Lee "That's an entirely different adventure"

A kuo toa is trying to make a statue out of pieces of various dead monsters
Callum "Can I buy one of his pieces for my house?"
Jim "He's on Etsy"

The Kuo toa are sick from the slime in the river, which affects them more as water breathers
Lee "It's like they live in Flint and they're drinking the water"

Mike "I'm easy"
Jim "Don't say that in front of your mom"
Lee "That's the way she raised you"
Emily "I have a super power; I can tell embarrassing stories about when Fenriz was young"

Moving through cave after cave, which are described as 'fissures'
Emily "This is the most fissures I've ever penetrated"
Jim "That's what she said"
Mike "Mom…"
Emily "With five <other> people"
Jim "It gets better"

Trying to lure the aboleth out of the water
Emily "I have +3 Performance…"
Jim "Are you going to do a puppet show?"