Slavers of the Central Sea

This was my first campaign after joining the Meetup and the first real gaming I had done in about three years. We started with two players, and got up to six at one point. Most of the players weren't born when 1st edition came out, some were born after 2nd edition was published. So I was very gratified in having people willing to try an old game with an old DM.

The main theme was a slave operation (yes, both my campaigns at Meetup had slavery as an issue) that involved the slavers, the Lawful Evil church of Liart and the Nighthawks Assassins' Guild working together. In the beginning, the characters stumbled across some of their operations or were steered there by divine influence on the party's NPC cleric Joram. At the end, they were hunting the slavers actively, trying to derail their operations.
Some of the roleplay themes were: Mike's elf mage Cassandra had run away from home as a young adult and been trained in magic by a human mages' guild, Matt's fighter Matthias was trying to lift the shame on his family from a traitorous ancestor and Ryan's Mage Bayaz was trying to solve the portal spell research that had killed his wizard father. There was a lot of fun roleplay between the NPC cleric Joram and the mage Cassandra as she was frequently skirting the edge of dark necromancy. Finally, Joram told her that if she didn't destroy the Staff of Vampiric Touch and stop using questionable spells, he was leaving. She gave in and Joram tore the Summon Shadow page from her spellbook and cast Flame Strike on the spell book she had captured from a necromancer in a previous adventure. They destroyed the staff from the same necromancer as well.
The campaign started in November of 2008 and wrapped up in the Spring of 2011. We had some characters and players come and go, our final party roster was:

Main Characters

Matt- Matthias, human Fighter
Mike- Cassandra, elf Mage
Ryan- Bayaz, human Mage
Konrad- Zhao, Rokugan human Tattooed Monk
NPC- Joram, human Cleric


Orcs on the Road
Citadel by the Sea
Slaver Raid
Torre's Quest
Cave of the Volts
Liartians in Rye
Opal Interlude
Country Necro
Into Forgotten Realms
Slaver Cove
Encounters on the Road
Succubus Town
The Hate Cloud
Elfane Taig
Drow Attack
Toal Invasion
Slaver Island
Fortress of the Pearl
Oni Night
The Gateway

New Magic Items

Many of these were based on magic items from the online MMORPG game Dark Age of Camelot
Faerun's Bow
Ring of Dances
Golden Spear
Staff of Skulls
Harpy's Cloak
Staff of Firelance
Ring of Damage Shield
Shield of Bashing
Nailah's Robe
Cyclops' Eye Crown
Friar's Battle Staff
Jacina's Sash