A skyplex is the generic name for any space station in the 'Verse. They include industrial facilities, passenger transfer stations, space resorts and the equivalent of interplanetary truck stops along the freight routes. Skyplexes may also serve as bases for Cortex relay stations and most will have detachments or garrisons of Alliance law enforcement or military.

Most core and border worlds have at least one skyplex to serve as an orbital docking station for ships too large to land on the surface. On some of the heavily populated worlds, all traffic must dock at a skyplex and passengers and cargo are offloaded to be carried to the surface by shuttles. Core worlds like Londinium have skyplexes that solely handle passengers.

The skyplexes around these worlds are large, beautifully designed and well maintained. Like a modern day super airport, they house luxurious hotels, fine dining and shops. The skyplexes of the outer systems can be dirty and rundown and strictly utilitarian with limited services catering to the needs (and desires) of freighter crews in need of a break.

Notable Skyplexes

Core Stations
Norfolk Highport- One of the main passenger stations serving Londinium.

Dahak Station- Passenger transfer skyplex above Osiris.

Scatha Orbital Port- Primary commerce station orbiting Bernadette.

Border Stations
Aomen and Monte Carlo Stations- Two casino stations orbiting Santo.

Tien Lung- One of the primary commerce stations above Persephone.

Kalevala station- A freight handling skyplex above Beaumonde, known for the skill of her transfer shuttle pilots.

Deep Black Stations
Atlanta Station- Serving the White Sun-Georgia route.

Corone Station- Run by Corone Mining, it serves the White Sun-Red Sun route. It is a large station dedicated to serving the bulk freighter traffic on this route. As a result, it is more like a truck stop. This is the Skyplex seen in the Firefly episode "The Message"

Long Night- One of the loneliest and grittiest, Long Night Skyplex is the only rest stop on the long flight from White Sun to Blue Sun.

Station GK- Serves the Georgia-Kalidasa route.

Wu Station- Serving the White Sun-Kalidasa Route.