Skullport Shuffle

Left on the Skullport dock by the skeletal ferryman, they examine the town. They notice green lights drifting in and out of the buildings. The party is hailed by local guards. They question the party, but Fenriz talks them through. Virion tips the guard leader for a recommendation for a good inn and Fenriz asks more questions. They're directed to the Burning Troll, which caters to outsiders, but the locals go to the Black Tankard. Fenriz bribes the guarsman for a name to drop and the guard gives him the bartender's name. During the conversation, a flameskull floats past and the guards shut up and watch it nervously as it passes. The flameskull seems dazed or delusional. As the adventurers approach the Black Tankard, they see a half-elf tossed out by the bouncer. Her skin is patterned with a fine layer of silvery scales, she's a dragon bloodline sorceror] [[[Caeli]] Vulpus. The party befriends her, she's a Harper agent. Tetsuo and Virion stay outside to talk to her, while the rest of the party goes inside to talk with the bartender. Fenriz spins more tales and gets some information about the town's history and local setup; Xanathar's Guild is mostly in power these days.
The party travels to the abandoned mansion Caeli is squatting in and she tells them more about her mission. The flameskulls were the controlling agency of Skullport, the police as it were. Something was done to confuse them and allow Xanathar's Guild to gain power. Caeli has been researching how to lift the spell on the flameskulls so they will return to power and drive out Xanathar's followers. She needs a magic tincture, but needed help to gather the ingredients. She also needs to find the right location for the ritual, supposedly there is a secret chamber that might be reached by swimming under water, there's a Kuo-toa she needs to consult.
In the morning, they go shopping for gear and end up at the alchemist who can make the tincture. The alchemist appears to be a female undead, possibly a mummy. She can make the tincture and knows what Caeli plans to do with it. She needs the blood of someone poisoned by a giant spider. She suggests they search the giant spider shaped building built by the drow when they ruled Skullport. The party heads to the spider structure and finds it is indeed populated by giant spiders; two DOZEN giant spiders and a few humanoid half-spider creatures. The party gives battle reluctantly considering the numbers, but if there are spider victims here, they should be saved. Fenriz and Caeli open with Lightning Bolts and Edgar takes control of one of the spider-men with Crown of Madness. Harker and Virion initially fight up front and Virion takes awhile to finally get a chance to cast Spiritual Guardians which decimates the closely packed spiders. Orie hits a group of spiders with Hail of Thorns while Harker anchors the line and Fenriz, Edgar and Caeli continue to snipe at spiders. Tetsuo charges in take up fighting at the front and Virion is poisoned and knocked out. Tetsuo gives him a potion and he gets back on his feet, but he is hit again and Orie heals him, then he heals himself. The spiders and half-spiders are finally finished and the party begins to search. They find coccoons holding two victims, an unknown man and Fenriz's missing mother! Virion uses Spare the Dying on both and the party escapes the spider building. They take the unconscious man back to the alchemist and she takes some of his blood for the tincture. The saved victims are healed and the man is helped back to his shop.
For the next part, the adventurers managed to capture a flame skull in a closed cast iron pot and get directions to an underwater temple from a Kuo Toa that Tetsuo befriended, and from there they battled three water hags and several other sea creatures. Then they performed the ritual which in turn caused the flameskull to become more powerful and it basically skyrocketed out of the cave cackling maniacally in a flaming ball of glory.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Approaching the guards
Chmiel "Let's walk up all Canadian"
Lee "Walk softly and carry a big hockey stick"

Discussing what Skullport is like
Lee "It's like underground Lockport"

Brittany's new character Caeli has been sent by the Harpers to weaken the Xanathar's Guild's control over Skullport
MC "Make Skullport Great Again?"
Brittany "Yes, but not in a shitty way"

Tasting the crappy local beer
Mike "Is it like Bud Lite?"
Lee "Bud Lite Lime"

Caeli is hiding out in an abandoned mansion and has room for the party to stay with her
Brittany "You can stay at my AirBnB. My AirDnD"

Discussing ingredients for a magic tincture
Chmiel "Eye of newt. It's always eye of newt"
Jim "Wing of bat"
Kevin "Wraith bile"

The party needs the blood of a victim poisoned by a giant spider. The ettercap controlled by Edgar's Crown of Madness bites and poisons a spider
Brittany "Do spiders count as victims? I'm asking for a friend"