Sister Search

The party has returned to Krondor and Yurten has been revived. Jacques and Greywind spend some time with alchemy projects while other members train. Jacques also contacts the Krondor Thieves' Guild, known as the Mockers, to ask questions about the rogue thieves who kidnapped his sister, Mary Elena. He is told that a female gnome was brought through Krondor and sold to slavers bound for Durbin. The Mockers give Jacques a contact in Durbin.
The party takes passage to Durbin and Jacques speaks with the local contact. He is given the name of a slave trader who deals in "exotics'' and Giric, Chunorris and Hiro visit the slave trader's office to ask questions. They bribe the foreman to find out where Jacques's sister might be. He gives them the name of her buyer, the owner of a plantation to the west, but Giric senses duplicity from him. The foreman is honest about the name of the buyer, but Giric feels he is planning some treachery. Leaving the slavers' office, they are followed, but Jacques casts Invisibility and backstabs and kills the shadower. The party decides to leave town right now. Giric, Hiro and Chunorris head to the city gates while Jacques returns to the hotel and gets Rhiann and the rest of the party to gather everyone's possessions and meet the others at the gate.
The party leaves Durbin and heads west to Ranom and deal with a troll attack along the way. They find the estate where Mary Elena is and search the slave quarters. Giric and Jacques sneak inside and find her, Giric uses his Boots of Teleport to carry her to safety. Jacques falls and breaks his leg, but uses the Alter Self spell to grow wings and fly slowly away while Invisible. The party takes passage across to the Free Cities and safety.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Talking about what to do with the Medusa's head from Blood Price
Mike "I'll wear the Medusa's head around my neck like Flavor Flav"

Mike "I was just thinking…"
Kevin "Well, there's your problem"

Matt "You'd be surprised how many rogues and scoundrels enjoy fine art"

Greywind Shapechanged into a mouse so he could ride in Jacques' pocket. We were discussing pulling him out and having him suddenly change into a bear
Matt "I'm going to stab you with my bear"

Kevin "What my associate is trying to say is…is it appropriate to offer a bribe?"

Matt's gnome has a lot of hit points and Matt made a joke about how it was hard to fit all his hit points into a small gnome
Jim "If we put him on the rack, maybe we can fit in some more."

Kevin "my only goal is to teleport out and leave you to whatever happens to you"

JoAnne "I am the only female"
Michael "We have the bard"