Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks

Warning: these pages contain adult subjects and profanity and are intended for mature readers. No actual maturity was involved.

We've always had a lot of quotable comments flying around, I didn't always have a chance to write them down. I try to do a better job these days and here's a combined page of them. And I have some Quotes of Antiquity from long before Meetup. And the Monty Python "Cheese Shop" sketch redone as the Game Shop Sketch. And the random "That's what she said!" table. There's also Inside Jokes with some running gags. There's the Mos Eisley Pharmacist and Death Star Janitor and now the Polearm Shop Sketch!

Brittany shared a meme of Fantasy band names on Facebook and I had to add a pile. Chmiel asked me to share it here.

How did I never post this here?! Redneck D&D

Old Quotes from previous games

Current Quotes

Jim's D&D 5E Kanmorhan Vane
Crydee Travelers
From the character building session:
Brittany "We should play a group of all dwarf bards so we can be a rock band"
Jack "We should play a group of warforged bards so we can be a metal band"
Looking at Zinnius' character traits; "If I dishonor myself, I dishonor my entire family"
Jim "Dishonor on you, dishonor on your family…"
Gala is preparing a spell and someone tells Jack to release chaos
Jack "I prefer to think of it as controlled destruction"
Jace hits a moredhel with Burning Hands
Jack "Disco inferno him"
Brittany "Can that be our team name?"
Nick rolls a 1 for Flynn's Survival skill
Jack "Trees scary"
Making Captain America jokes about Flynn throwing his shield
Jack "This shield won't come back when you throw it"
Jim "That depends on how hard he bounces it off the other guy's head"
Stacy "I was looking at the map for place names and came up with Captain Dimwood"
Discussing that wood elves are thin from poor diet and dark elves are even more gaunt
Brittany "For just two dollars a month, you can feed a dark elf"
Stacy "We need to redistribute the wealth"
Jim "Occupy Elvandar?"
Flynn has used up all of his rages for the day
Brittany <sings> "Despite all my rage…"

Mountain Murders
The party's current employers are from the city of Zun
Stacy "Zun? I'm more partial to the iPod"
Nick "Bill Gates needs love, too"
Discussing the mashed potatoes running gag
Jack "Brittany isn't here, we have to meme for her"
Stacy "Mashed potatoes are my life"
Jim "I didn't know he (Jace) was Irish"
Stacy "He is!"
Discussing archeology
Jack "He doesn't dig it"
The party spots a group of goblins, but Jim didn't have any goblin icons loaded for Roll20 and had to use orcs
Nick "Goblins are just orcs that are still in middle school"
They spot giant bird-like creatures with wingspans over ten feet
Nick "Birds Of Unusual Size"
Jace is knocked out
Stacy "I'm really good at dying"
Mike, filling in for Jack "You should change your hobby"
They find an enchanted pearl in a pouch
Nick "I don't know what that means"
Mike "It means you have a date to the prom, Sponge Bob"

Death's Service
We were working on leveling characters to third level and Nick was looking at Barbarian Paths in the fan made ("home brew") section of a website
Nick "I thought 'Path of the Homebrew' was making my own beer"
Stacy "It's like Drunken Master"
Mike "You throw bottles during a fight"