Silent Forest

Continuing to travel along the edge of the Edder Forest, the party finds a small camp along the road. There are three dead wood elves, killed by monsters and a trail showing someone was dragged off into the woods. The footprints are of a small bipedal creature with what look like clawed or taloned feet. The trail through the woods leads to an abandoned wood elf village; there are no sounds of activity coming from the town, no smoke from the chimneys. Jace realizes there are no bird sounds either. The party advances into the edge of town and are charged by three gnome like creatures wearing red pointed hats and large metal boots, wielding large sickles. One does a flying kick and knocks Zinnius' horse over, tossing Zinnius to the ground. The horse gets up and flees. Flynn throws a ja elin at one, then charges on his horse, leaps off and summons his rage in mid-air and piledrives the redcap with his great axe. Jace rides in and stuns a redcap with his mace. Zinnius is hit hard and Jace heals him. Gala, Raaha, and Adolphus lay into the enemies with spells. Zinnius attacks with his rapier. Flynn finishes his opponent while the rest of the party finish the other two.
Moving into the center of town, they notice a lot of fresh dirt strewn around, it seems to have been brought out of an inn-like building. Entering the building, they find fresh tracks from the clawed feet and more drag marks. They go into the inn's basement and find a tunnel dug into the basement wall. Dirt has been carried out of the tunnel and outside. The tunnel is a little low for Flynn and Gala, the walls are coated with a waxy substance. The tunnel goes down into the earth and they advance, Jace leading the way. They come to an intersection and small, inxsect like creatures charge out of the shadows to attack them. Some of them teleport between the party members. Zinnius activates his flaming rapier and casts Hunter's Mark. Raaha casts Hex are starts throwing Eldritch Blasts around. Gala hits multiple creatures with Chaos Bolt spells and even gets a ricochet attack to hit a second monster. Jace scorches a couple with Burning Hands, then wades in with his mace. As the party is wiping out the little beasts, a hag appears behind them, trapping them in the tunnel! Everyone turns on the hag and hammer it. Raaha casts Mirror Image to confuse the hag, but is uses Detect Magic to identify her illusions. Under the combined attacks of the party, the hag is weakening, but before they can finish her, she disappears again. The adventurers carefully search the tunnels, expecting the hag to attack again. In a pit, they find the captive from the campsite, a male wood elf druid that the monsters have been torturing. Jace heals him and help him to get out of the tunnels and they return to the surface, watching over their shoulders for the hag.
The wood elf is named Galodhel, he thanks them for their assistance. He was sent to investigate what was going on and says they wood elves will be grateful for them chasing off the hag. He will pass the word so the wood elves will remember them.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
The party comes to the empty wood elf village and the players are looking at the map
Brittany "We need to knock on ALL the doors…"

Flynn jumps off his horse to do a piledriver on a redcap with his axe
Jim "Do you want to rage?"
Nick "Can I rage in mid-air?"
Jim "Sure, why wouldn't you?"

Describing the meenlock tunnels
Jim "The walls are coated with a secreted resin…" No one got the reference

Discussing treasure
Jim "The hag got away with her treasure"
Brittany "She had a big change purse, like grandmas carry"