Silent Forest

(Jeremy was spectating)
The party has ambushed the goblin warband that found them after they discovered the opened tomb (The Journey North). Now they decide to flee to the safety of the south, heading for the Inclindel Gap. They are pursued by other forces; goblin warhorns follow them. They push hard during the day and even ride into the night to make up distance. But as they approach the Inclindel Gap, they hear horns ahead of them. Caught between forces, they strike out to the east, across the Thunderhell Steppes, planning to cross to the city of Armengar and then through the Edder Forest to the Edder Gap and the safety of the Kingdom.
Crossing the steppes, they are stopped by a patrol of nomads from the Red Hoof tribe. They parley with the nomads who decide to take the party to their camp instead of killing them for trespassing on what they consider their territory. The party is brought to a large camp of a few hundred people and put under guard in a tent. Later, they are brought before the tribal chief, Hetman Walde. They talk with the chief with Aldur as their spokesperson who plays upon Adolphus' position as priest. Adolphus sweetens the deal by offering his services and that of Yurten if anyone in the tribe needs healing. The hetman agrees and the two priests tend to the tribe's needy. The next morning, the party mounts up to leave, Adolphus is given a bracelet to identify them as having safe passage.
The party continues east and arrives at Armengar. It is a walled city with massive, brutally simplistic defenses. The people are mostly human, with a few wood elves and even some goblins and dark elves. Hiro picks an excellent inn, the One Eyed Kobold, and the party takes the opportunity to relax. Jacques goes out to speak to the local rogues and Greywind questions the innkeeper. Jacques learns there is a smuggler's path over the mountains, but is only easy in the summer, Greywind learns there are problems in the Edder forest, some villages have been attacked by monsters and trade through the southwest edge of the forest and the Edder Gap has been disrupted.
The party does not want to stay too long in the city, so they hastily purchase supplies in the morning and hit the road. They follow the road to the forest and come to an abandoned village. They do not see or hear anyone and Jacques familiar, Elderberry, smells dead meat in the town. They hurry past and continue down the road. They make camp and set watches, alert for the trouble that plagues the forest. During second watch, a group of ghasts attacks the camp, but Adolphus Turns three of the six. Jacques casts Audible Glamer to wake everyone. They fight and kill the first three, then heal and regroup while they wait for the first three to overcome Adolphus' dismissal. They too are destroyed. The party moves camp away from the stench of the bodies; in the morning Adolphus and Yurten burn the remains.
The next day they travel on and make camp for the night. The forest is very quiet, they are disturbed in the middle of the night by the death scream of some animal, but no one troubles their camp. But the next day, they hear what sounds like a woman's voice crying in distress in the woods. Hiro charges to the rescue and is ambushed by a group of Kech, evil monkey like monsters whose green hide has leaf like scales to allow them to blend into the forest. The party eventually defeats them, but Hiro and Yurten's armor have been damaged by the Kech's powerful claws. Jacques collects their tongues for possible spell components and has Rhiann flay off a piece of hide. Greywind also collects some hide and claws.
The party arrives at the Briarwall shrine and sees trouble immediately. There is blood randomly smeared on the altar and no sign of the druid who tends this grove. Greywind, Adolphus, Yurten and Hiro approach the altar, Aldur and Rhiann keep watch while Jacques sneals around the perimeter. The priests and samurai are attacked by three earth grue which rise up out of the ground around them, Aldur and Rhiann are attacked by a Greenhag. Swords, arrows and spells cut loose, Jacques paralyzes a grue with a poison dart. The monsters are defeated and they search the grove. The druid's cottage has been ransacked and they find his mostly devoured remains in the shrine's pool. The grove has been desecrated, weakening the forest's defenses and allowing evil to seep in. Now the party travels to Telrain to find a higher level druid to resanctify the grove. Greywind is recognized as Autumn's son by the druid Amanil, a female wood elf. Amanil gathers her followers and travels back to Briarwall to take care of the grove, she tells Greywind a little bit about his mother and will try to contact him when she knows where Autumn is. She also rewards the party with treasure for helping with the shrine. They leave and head south for the next stop on their long journey home.

Greywind +2 Leather Armor of Bull Strength
Rhiann Ring of Elvenkind
Giric Pendant of Nightvision
Jacques Bragor's Gem
Aldur Brooch of Fire Resistance
Hiro Barkskin Bracer
Yurten +2 Quality Long Sword

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Konrad to Matt "You gnomes know your shit"
Jim "I'm glad you can speak so eloquently in character"

The party is talking about what the nomads may want to take as tribute for their passage
Matt "They say 'We will take your women' and I point to the bard and say 'You mean her?'"

Konrad "My lute is nicely polished"
Jeremy "You spend your time polishing your lute?"
Konrad "Yes, I have a special cream for it"
Everyone else smirks.

Konrad, to Chmiel, speaking very loudly like someone who thinks talking louder makes comprehension easier "Thank you very much sir!"
Mike, equally loudly "You are very welcome, sir!"

Drinking in the inn
Kevin "I can't get cirrhosis, I'm immune to disease"

Chmiel "You don't understand my <code of> honor"
Kevin "No one does"

Talking about the outbreak of monsters in the forest, Konrad suggests it's something seasonal
Jim "Are you suggesting trolls migrate?"
Matt "Are they african or european?"

Shopping for supplies in town
Konrad "I look for good soap"
Matt "It's <made with> troll fat"
Jim and Matt, together "It regenerates and never shrinks"
JoAnne "Eeewwwwwwww"

Matt "Passing out drugs in the zen garden is bad chi"
Konrad "So is making sand angels"
Chmiel "It's words; more saki prease, spelled p-r-e-a-s-e"

Matt had terrible to hit rolls, against the second wave of ghasts he rolled 1,1,2,3. Konrad started having Jeremy roll dice for him
Konrad "I'm outsourcing my die rolls"
Jim "That's fine, but if he rolls really well, he's getting the points, not you."

Matt "He's Druish"
Jim "Funny, he doesn't look Druish"

Attacked by Kech, which are demon monkeys
Matt "I'm looking for the Summon Tiger spell, so they can't attack us" referring to Tiger card in Poo: the card game.

Kevin "They're a bit bitey"

Kevin "I assume there's one I can hit?"
Jim "There's one chewing on your neck"
Kevin "That's the one"

Joanne "'Chmiel is not making any sense"
Kevin "Standard"

Chmiel "It's my jokes bad"
Kevin "Noo….."

Jim "The gnome is wandering in the bushes"
Kevin "As they are prone to do"

Chmiel "I will make some tea"
Matt "I will have some"
Chmiel "I will put it in a sippy cup for you"