Side Quests Revisited

After finally killing the drow serial killer, capturing the halfling necromancer and recovering the Stone of Golorr, the party has a little downtime. Fenriz informs his contact that the drow has been dealt with and is given a mission to deliver something from a local potion maker to a customer. They still need to investigate the bronze dragon in the harbor and the dopplegangers at the Yawning Portal. Valder goes to an elven church and pays for a Divination to help him find his father's murderer. He is given a rhyme which points him at the Zhentarim.
The party decides to help Fenriz with his job.The potion maker is a very strange gnome and is more than just apotion maker as he has a variety of poisons. Fenriz buys some and sets off to deliver the package, a small locked box. At the appointed place, he meets a woman in a fancy carriage, she gives him a bag of fifteen platinum Sun coins, but he secretly pockets ten of them.
The party ends up at the Yawning Portal to hunt doppelgangers. Fenriz and Barakiel attempt to lure the dopplegangers to them. Fenriz thinks thoughts of wealth and Barakiel shapeshifts to look like an elven nobleman and tries to pretend to be a doppleganger on the run, looking for a way to escape. Both of their lures soon focus on a new employee, a young waitress named Bonnie. Fenriz approaches the innkeeper, Durnan, about her and eventually tries to trick her into revealing she's a doppleganger by reading his mind to get some treasure. She appears to not be able to do it, but maybe its a trick. If she is a doppleganger, she could be reading his mind to know he is trying to trick her. Fenriz gives up and she returns to work.Barakiel tries to lure her upstairs and then spots her talking to some of the other staff, including a half-orc. Barakiel gets a room and tries to lure some of them upstairs, but he fails.
At the end of the night, Orie is hanging out with the staff she knows and is able to put a Hunter's Mark on Bonnie and the party follows her home. Orie locates her apartment and Barakiel shapeshifts again into a town guard and bangs on her door, but there's no answer. He breaks down her door and she hits him with a club and tries to run. Tetsuo and Valder hit her but she takes the damage and keeps running, screaming for help. Harker hits her with a crossbow bolt and kills her, unfortunately she dies before Valder can heal her so she can be captured. But her body reverts to its natural form, she was a doppleganger! The City Watch arrives and finds them standing over the body of a dead monster and Valder ahows his Harper badge and smoothly convinces them that everything is all right and offers to cooperate fully. The City Watch takes their information and lets them go.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Jim got a good look at the cover of the book, and noticed there was a hooded, purple skinned character with a left hand gauntlet/metal hand
Jim "Are we fighting Thanos?"
Lee explains all the people on the cover are linked to the characters' quests
Jim "It's a bad thing when your campaign enemy is on the cover of the module"

Going over with Kevin what the characters need to get into the vault: a beholder or gazer eyestalk, a unicorn or a representation of one, and 1,000gp in gems
Kevin "We need money to get into the vault? Is this a Nigerian vault?"

Fenriz's sidequest takes them to a potion maker named Skeemo Weirdbottle
Jim "Sounds like a professor at Hogwarts"
The potion maker sounds like Gollum, or maybe Renfield
Jim "Remind me to come back here later and burn this place down"

Michael's character is trying to talk to the waitress he thinks is a doppleganger and the whole thing has had a pedophile vibe
Lee "Do something creepy"
Mike "Grab her by the pussy"
Lee "Buttstroke her"