Shuttle 2

This is a redo for the short range shuttles carried by a Firefly and replaces the one on page 118.

20 ton Short Range Shuttle Scarab class (modified by Naomi)
Tonnage: 20
Speed Class: 4 Full Burn: 8 (Reaction drive only)
Crew: 1
Fuel Capacity: .02 tons (20 hours)
Cargo Capacity: 11.5 tons
Passenger Capacity: 8
Armament: 8 medium range, vehicle scale missiles in concealed single shot launch tubes, 4 EMP (d6), 2 HEAP (d6), 2 gas penetrator (1 sleep, 1 nerve gas)
Price: 360 cr (stock)
Agi:d10 Str:d2 Vit:d6 Ale:d8 Int:d4 Wil:d6
Life: 8
Skills: Perception:d4 Pilot:d4
Assets: Healthy as a Horse (m), Tough as Nails (m), Fast Throttle (m)
Complexity: High
Maintenance cost: 39 cr. per year

Ever since the encounter with the reavers in Blue Sun, Naomi has been working on Shuttle 2. Since the captain and crew didn't want to risk the Britannia in an attack on the reavers, she decided to make a fighting shuttle. Its speed, maneuverability and electronics have been upgraded and there is a bank of eight single shot missile tubes behind a retractable panel under the nose. In addition, Naomi installed a governor in the control system, normally the shuttle only performs at its basic performance unless a command code is entered into the ship's computer.