Ship Speeds And Travel Times

There is nothing in the show or movie giving specific speeds or distances covered by the ships. You hear things like "We'll be there in two days". In Train Job, the Hands of Blue say "We didn't fly 86 million miles because of a box of band-aids." But, astronomically speaking, that's not a huge distance in a multi-star system, it's less than an astronomical unit (or AU).

In the RPG basic book, there's a distance/travel time/communication lag table, which assumes the cortex operates at lightspeed (which it does not in my game). But, using that chart, we can calculate a speed class 1 ship travels at .0016 times the speed of light. So, armed with that, I drew a rough chart of the 'Verse on a sheet of graph paper at a scale of 1 inch equals 30 AU. That means a speed class 4 ship covers 1/4 inch (7.5 AU) in 15 hours. From there, I was able to do a rough estimate of travel times from system to system. So 86 million miles, or roughly .92 AU is a two hour flight for a speed class 4 ship.

I have a freight log for the player's ship, which also serves as a financial record and mini diary of the ship's travels. It runs on a universal 365 day calendar that is used for record keeping.