Shi Shen Deep Space Scout

Deep Space Scout
300 Tons
Str d4 Agi d6 Vit d6 Int d8 Ale d12 Wil d2
Skills: Pilot d6, Technical d6/Sensor Operations d10
Speed Class: 6 Hard Burn: 8
Fuel: 1200 hours at SC6
Crew: 2 (extra size rooms)
Cargo: 20
Sharp Senses (m): Passive Sensors
Born to the Black (M)
Mass Produced (M)*
Complexity: 32 (Low)
Price: 10,800 credits
Maintenance: 50 cr/month

Built for the Terraforming Commission, the Shi Shen class was meant to be a cheap means of carrying out comprehensive surveys of asteroid belts and the outer reaches of the systems of the 'Verse. Unfortunately, due to the low quality of the design and manufacture, there were many incidents and a few crew fatalities.

*Mass Produced- The design was made in great numbers and at relatively low quality. Every maintenance roll is treated as the next result lower (Success becomes Failure, Failure becomes Botch and a Botch results in a critical failure)