Shared Enemies

New Faces
The Britannia and her crew are on Gonghe looking for cargo and passengers heading for New Melbourne. In order to help increase business, Captain Windsor hired a young paramedic Ruan Weir to serve as ship's medic. The captain looks for cargo and gets a shipment heading to New Melbourne and posts that as their destination. The captain and Cid oversee cargo loading and Silas stands watch in the rear cargo bay. Their first passenger is a well dressed but tough looking man, Ronnie Fullmer and his daughter Sarah. They sign on and the captain shows them to their room and welcomes them aboard. Hours later, as the cargo handling teams are finishing loading, Captain Windsor is approached by five Federal officers. The leader begins interrogating the captain, asking for his identicard, ship's papers and cargo manifests. When everything has been cleared, the officer surprises the captain by booking passage. He explains they are on a routine deployment to New Melbourne and his is the first ship bound that way. The officer pays cash for everyone and they board the ship. The captain decides to move up departure now that he has a cargo and almost full passenger rooms, and calls Naomi back to the ship, she finally shows up from her leave, drunk as a skunk. Ruan offers some detox meds and Naomi sobers up right there, unfortunately going through her hang over on fast forward and pukes on the deck. Windsor nimbly steps aside, then directs her to clean up after herself. With cargo and passengers aboard, departure is moved up.

This is your captain speaking
Once in space and underway, the captain calls a meeting to address the crew and introduce Ruan to everyone, then he sends the crew down to bring the passengers up. Ronnie is startled when he steps into the hallway into a bunch of Feds, but plays it cool. The captain explains ship policies to everyone and discusses meals and what not, with so many people, they'll be eating in shifts. Windsor and Naomi eat with the feds. The captain shares tequila with everyone and gives Naomi a double, thinking her drunkenness might cause her to ask some questions it would be impolite for him to ask. The Feds' answers seem off key, their accents and behavior seem too crude for Alliance officers. After dinner, Windsor decides he, Cid and Silas will share night watches.
The first couple days pass quietly, but the crew's unease about the Feds grows. On the third day, Cid fails to notice the ship is off course. When Windsor takes his watch, he realizes the ship is off course and tries to correct, but nothing happens. He calls Cid to the bridge, and Cid nonchalantly tries to correct course and nothing happens. They call Naomi to the bridge and she checks the system, but can find nothing wrong (GM's note: Raleigh failed his maintenance roll and the ship had a breakdown, then he failed his roll to diagnose the problem). Windsor orders Silas to check engineering, he reports everything seems to be fine back there. Ruan is sent to check on the shuttles to make sure they haven't been stolen and that the passengers are not up to something, everything is calm. Naomi checks again and realize the compression coupler is down, so the controls aren't passing signals and the ship is drifting. She repairs it for now, but it will mean more work later. The ship responds to controls and Cid plots a new course, they lost a few hours.

We're taking your ship
After midnight on the fourth day, the "Feds" attempt to hijack the ship. One of them holds Ronnie at gunpoint, threatening his daughter's life. Three more head for the bridge and lock the crew cabins on the way by. On the bridge, Windsor sees the crew cabin locks engage and unlocks them just as the hijackers come on the bridge. Two of them hold the captain at gunpoint while the third takes the controls and changes course. The captain talks with them to give time for the crew to react. Ruan is first out, stealthily approaching with a silenced pistol. When Silas opens his hatch, Ruan uses the distraction to attack, wounding one hijacker and killing the leader with head shot. Silas shoots and kills the wounded hijacker, then Cid shoots him as well. On the bridge, Windsor pulls out his cricket ball and line drives the hijacker pilot, cracking her skull and taking her out. Ruan realizes there's more hijackers someplace and heads for engineering. Silas runs after him and Cid heads to the passenger quarters, going down through the main cargo bay. The captain follows Cid.
Ruan and Silas engage the fourth hijacker, who is holding engineering. They shoot him and knock him out. Silas binds him, then Ruan walks up and shoots him in the head, killing the prisoner, then heads for the passenger quarters.
Meanwhile, Ronnie has taken advantage of his attacker's distraction and flips his gun's safety, then tries to grapple him and throw him down. The hijacker dodges the grapple and flips his safety, but Ronnie kicks it from his hand. The hijacker draws a knife and they fight, but Ronnie finally knocks him out. He emerges into the hallway to see Ruan, the two almost fight, but Ruan gets control of himself just in time as Cid, Silas and Windsor all pile into the hallway. On the bridge, Naomi figures out they are heading to the Motherlode asteroid belt in Red Sun and asks if the captain wants her to try to change course. Cid sprints back up to the bridge and takes the controls from Naomi.

Intimidatin' Manner
The dead and one wounded hijacker are carried to the main airlock and searched, and their gear brought up too. They smuggled weapons in their duffle bags, there are also some illegal drugs. Stripping the bodies, they find the hijackers have body armor, but different kinds, none of it Alliance issue. They have assorted gang tattoos as well. The pistols they had are not proper issue either and neither are the other guns. Windsor orders Ruan to revive the survivor and Silas threatens him into talking. The group are shipjackers, they pick ships headed for Red Sun and sell the ships and their cargoes. The second part of the operation is a group with a salvage ship waiting in Red Sun.
Now the crew has to decide what to do. They might space the bodies and the survivor and fly on. Naomi suggests and Silas agrees that they use the survivor to allow them to pull a trojan horse and capture the scrapper ship. The survivor says the ship has 10 to 15 crew. Windsor is not convinced, but he is determined to take their cargo to New Melbourne and deliver on time. That gives them two days to decide what to do. Naomi gets pictures of the bad guys, their badges and IDs and sends them to a friend, a hacker on Ariel named Citizen Wraith.

New Melbourne Arrival
On the way to New Melbourne, the crew sees a news report about a gold discovery on Ormuzd, people are already starting to flock there. Citizen Wraith contacts Naomi; the IDs are fake, so are two of the badges, the other two are stolen. The tattoos match a Gonghe gang. With two days to think about it, the captain decides to play it safe and contacts the authorities and turns over their prisoner and cooperates with the investigating officers. They are stuck on New Melbourne for two days giving testimony. They replace the bad compression coupler, start installing security gear on the ship, then pick up a cargo of fish based foodstuffs for St. Albans and head across system to deliver it.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Matt brought a bottle of Korean wine a friend in the Army gave him. It was a milky white liquid that was tried reluctantly.
Jim "No thanks, I don't care for formaldehyde"
Lee "How do we know what it is, it could be dolphin semen"
Emily "It does look like a bottle of cum"
(GM's note: A friend later figured out it was Makkoli rice wine)

Captain Windsor posted the ship's information on the port network and that they now had a medic
Lee "Can we put it in flashing lights? New and improved!"
Emily "Now with Medic!"
Kevin "Can we get one of those inflatable flailing tube men to put in front of the ship?"

Lee's captain is doing a pre-flight walk around the ship and people were suggesting things he might be looking for
Emily "Space barnacles?"
Lee "Sparnacles"

Discussing the ship's medical equipment
Raleigh "Do we have a cheese scalpel?"

Captain Windsor's girlfriend was lost on a ship going to New Melbourne, every time Lee said "New Melbourne", he faked his character choking up and getting teary eyed.

Matt's character is a piano player and has a sophisticated electronic keyboard, then it was a keytar, then Matt said the neck comes off to reveal a katana blade and it became a keytarna

Matt is talking in character about how his character needs privacy to care for his little girl and in his assassin's voice it was really creepy…
Emily "We'll pay the 15 credit incest charge"
Kevin "It's the Sandusky rate"
That one floored everyone
Kevin "It's the Sandusky room; its nothing but the boys' showers…"

I rolled on the random breakdown technobabble chart in the book. Afterwards, Raleigh gave a flowing description of the part and why the malfunction affected the controls. Emily was amazed he had had memorized an obscure description of a minor part. I told her no, he just made that up on the spot…

We have a tradition of picking actors to use as character appearance models. Windsor is Jack Davenport, Silas is a young Danny Trejo, Naomi is Nicole DeBoer with blue dyed hair, Ruan is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ronnie is Jason Statham. Michael finally picked Isaiah Mustafa from the Old Spice commercials for Cid.
Jim "Look at your pilot, now look at me. Look at your pilot, don't you wish he was me?"

I had names and descriptions for the five hijackers. The players just gave them nicknames: Teeth (asian male leader), Forehead Dot (hindu male), Other Guy (other asian male), Boobs (only female), and Ritz (white male, he was a "cracker").

After the fight
Matt "Do I see the dead people?"
Kevin "He was dead the whole time! That totally changes the plot of the movie!"

Discussing what to do with the bodies of the hijackers and the lone survivor and whether or not to just chuck them all out the airlock
Matt and Raleigh in unison "Don't space me bro!"

Raleigh "Can I go get drunk in port if there aren't any pressing matters?"
Jim " Aren't you going to get drunk anyway?"

Emily is telling Raleigh that Ruan is going to develop a crush on Naomi
Raleigh "Naomi already sees Ruan as a friend"
Emily "<Sigh>, friendzoned in the game…"

Part of the crew is going shopping for security equipment for the ship
Lee "I trust my crew to do what's right"
Jim "I didn't think you had Overconfident <as a Complication>"